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How to Create Glitch Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

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Some easy and crazy Glitch Photo effect only for you. This was super fun effect to create, looks cool af and takes little time to create, what else a person wants in phtoshop ?

The photo effect quick enough so people who know photoshp wont get bored and simple enough so beginners learning photoshop will be able to keep up. The main tool we will use is wave from filter gallery.

After that we will use some layer copy paste to repeat the photo effect and than use layers styles to create that cool 3d ish look and than as final step i am gonna show you how to create those horizontal lines, the ones you always see in other glitch effect tutorials.


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  1. when I get to blending the colors and I turn off the G and B channels the color is a dark red rather than cyan. Also when I try to get the Red color by only turning off the R channel. The color produced is a very dark blue. Can anyone help with this?

  2. when i did the filter gallery stuff, i did what you did, and i hit pl, and nothing happened. the layer stayed white, do you know how to fix this? other than that, it was great. it still worked out, thank for the cool tutorial!!

  3. A really good way to make tutorial, Perfect way to explain and that sense of stability so that viewers can easily grasp what exactly going on in tutorial, keep up the Good work Brother. Blessings for you !!

  4. You explain everything in great detail, while also taking into consideration that some of us aren't the biggest experts on Photoshop. +1 liked and subbed

  5. I really want to create a picture that has polygons around the image that are translucent to the photo and are vivid in different colors.

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    Watch My Videos, Comment and Sign In to My Channel. I wish you a good vision! Thank you so much!

  7. So cool Man! So easy instructions, even the very first day of a ps guy can understand this! So Digestive one! Cool effort man!? All the best!☺️??

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