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How to Create Sky and Clouds – Photoshop Tutorial []

►Download PSD file :
How to create sky and clouds in photoshop. Skies will often be washed out and appear missing due to over exposure. This is very often, because of the amount of environmental and light pollution.

in this photoshop tutorial, i will show you how to create perspective clouds with realistic blue sky easily and fast in photoshop using its native filters.

first Load image in Photo shop which has the blown out or washed out sky

add new blank layer

go to filter tab, select render and choose clouds.

again add new blank layer and add clouds filter.

select current layer and change blending mode to overlay.

now select both clouds layers and merge into single layer.

now add extrude filter to clouds layer.

select type blocks, Keep size and depth settings as follows and click ok

The Extrude filter gives a three dimensional texture to the clouds layer

Now apply gaussian blur to soften the layer texture

now make a perspective transformation to clouds layer to give realistic look.

drag the layer towards the horizon or skyline of the photograph.

select Free Transform tool.

right mouse click and select perspective

Select the ctrl key and drag the corner handles, in the opposite direction, which can create a pseudo 3D effect.

now lets add blue color to the layer.

add hue and saturation adjustmetn layer.

choose colorize option and adjust the hue, saturation and lightness sliders to achieve the desire effect.

now group all layers

and change blending of the group to multiply.

add layer mask and hide the effect on the person.

We’re done. Here is before and after results.

if you can’t fix the washed out sky, then try this photoshop technique to add fake sky and clouds easily to your photographs.

i hope that you enjoyed this tutorial.

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Softwares Used:
Photoshop cc 2014, 2015, 2017
Photoshop cs5, cs6,
After Effects cs5
Camtasia Studio

Gymnopedie No3 (YouTube Library)

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  1. I'm not an expert but I'm trying to do a few things, this is a great tutorial, but my fliter "clouds" is in a dark blue (not gray) and I did many things to change it and nothing. Any suggestion?

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