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How to Design an Engaging Seamless Image Post in Instagram (Photoshop Tutorial)

Hey all,

Been asked a few times how I make my Instagram slider posts. In this tutorial you’ll learn in Photoshop, how to easily create a multi-image post for Instagram that is seamless, dynamic, and unique.

Great way to showcase your photography, UI design, logos, and branding work!

Would love to see what you’ve made! Tag me on Instagram @mistercodybrown and I’ll share a few in my next video 😀

Hope you enjoy.

Music by:

Prod. Riddiman
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Tranquillity – Chill Lofi Hip Hop Beat

Antisocial – Lofi Hip Hop Beat

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  1. in the home page of Ps, while creating a new doc,
    in the dimentions you can type 1080*x
    where x is the number of frames u want
    in this way dont need a calculator!

    and instead using square to position your guides:
    view > new guides layout
    and there u are!

  2. Great tutorial thank you! I’m having issues with my uploads they are coming out pixelated. I’ve copied your settings exactly. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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