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HOW TO EARN DAILY INTEREST ON CRYPTOCURRENCY (Passive Income)| Binance Savings Tutorial For Beginner

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In this video, I show you how to earn daily income on Binance without risking your crypto through trading. I explain the two types of savings (flexible savings and locked savings) and show you how to subscribe to both as well as redeem your crypto.

HOW TO EARN DAILY INTEREST ON CRYPTOCURRENCY (Passive Income)| Binance Savings Tutorial For Beginner

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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. king bennyman

    Good morning pls how can i tranfer my money back to my fiat wallet after subscribing to savings ?

  2. The Bill

    Please can you loose any money on your initial investment?
    I know this is crypto but with real cash u never loose anything on your capital
    I hope my question is clear

  3. Funny videos

    Good day, i just subscribe today and i have learnt a lot
    GOD bless you

    My question is, the savings interest is it 6%daily interests or 6% interest for any particular date chosen?

  4. Heart Beats

    Thanks for the tips to redeem and sell at higher price in case…

  5. arslan nadeem

    hey i wanna ask is there any risk of loosing money in flexible saving ?

  6. Dan Umali

    Very well explained! Thankyou so much! I was wondering if you can make a video about the actual income that we can earn using flexible and lock-in. Example $500 for 7 days using flexible vs. $500 using lock-in for 7 days. Btw. You got me subscribe to your channel.

  7. She is really good. Please make a detailed video on – flexible savings for beginners. What is the 6% interest? Does that mean if I keep 100$ in Flexible savings for 7 days, I will get 106$ on the 8th day? OR after 1 year? Please explain?

  8. Panos Mario

    The percentage of locked savings is given after that amount of days or after a year?

  9. Michael Pereira

    god bless you, hustle. thank you! liked and subbed glad I found you

  10. Dani

    OK but for example if I deposit 1k the crypto coin will drop 30% my coin will be worth 30% less than plus 6% interest on 7 days I'm correct what I'm saying?

  11. Terry Ed

    Amazing! Kudos to your well explained video. Well Detailed.

  12. Ben Bizz

    I honestly think I just found the right crypto youtube space. Cheers and keep it up.

  13. glow flavour

    please can you do a video on how to invest in dego finance to yeild interest weekly

  14. felix

    Hi, I am a new subscriber! I have CHZ in my Spot Wallet and I am trying to put it in a flexible rate but it doesn't appear as one of the coins to subscribe in the flexible savings. How can I do it?

  15. Frank Opoku

    The best and clear voice video.
    The video I have ever watched
    Thank you.

  16. Ozee

    I subscribe my bitcoin on flexible 5days ago but hv nt seen my interest. I thought it be displayed on accumulated interest? Pls i need clarification

  17. Jw

    Hi,I dont know why I cant enter any amount for the lock savings,there is balance in my spot wallet

  18. Vika Mun

    I haven’t even thought about that, dude

    Have you heard anything about Swirge? DEX with a multifunctional wallet. Also they have SwirgePay that gives users the power to control their finances without jurisdiction restrictions.

  19. john thompson

    Geniune question as i am still new to this. If i use binance savings, will the value of my coins increase or decrease with the market?

  20. Bibingka abbas

    hello how do we know how much is the daily interest in flexible savings?


    I want to ask love if you will reply…if you go on flexible savings..and you decide to redeem it before the annual period will they give you the interest you gain in that period?

  22. Fatma Abdalla

    Hi. Nice presentation. I want to know how to transfer the money over earned from the interest to my bank account?

  23. Kenny Liew

    I have 1000 doge coin put into flexible savings with 7 day APY 5%. So how much will I earn after 7 days? or a month later?

  24. Ryze Hernandez

    Is there a minimum amount of crypto to be able to gain interest? Lets say in Flexible savings?

  25. My Zzzi

    Please, make a review about Crop Defi, a modern yield farming system that maximizes rewards from staking and can be connected to any ERC-20 projects. New system with fixed low fees can change the industry i think

  26. Snowblaze

    Thanks for the awesome video! Answered all the questions I had related to this video. Maybe except one- Can I earn savings through DOGE?

  27. Ralph Hermens

    Does Binance US have this feature? I don't see it in my Wallet.

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