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How to Edit RAW Photos in Affinity Photo | Develop Persona for Beginners

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In this Affinity Photo tutorial for beginners, I show you how to edit RAW photos from start to finish using the Develop Persona – which is the “workspace” Affinity Photo uses for developing or editing RAW images. You can edit a variety of supported RAW image formats, which are better than JPEG because they come out of the camera with almost no compression and therefor can recover much more data from your image. By editing RAW files, you’ll get amazing looking images that contain less noise and have more balanced lighting.

I walk through each step in the RAW photo editing process in a way that’s easy for beginner photo editors to understand. By the end of this tutorial, you should have a firm understanding of how each panel in the Develop Persona works, and how certain edits (i.e. Curves, White Balance, Shadows-Highlights, Saturation, Vibrance, Noise Reduction, and more) effect the overall look, feel, and tone of your image.

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This Post Has 30 Comments

  1. herling wowor

    Thank you Mick I have been looking everywhere for basic step by step tutorial and this one was the best I learned so much thank so much.

  2. Mike Ames

    You've made me a raw convert for my landscape images — kids parties stay as jpegs. Thanks!


    I am looking how to do a workflow from scratch in Affinity Photo as I have pulled out of Adobe CC monmths ago. I found this video to be of great interest but will have to watch it a few times as it was too fast for me. I am 77 years of age so I am at an age now where new tricks are learned slowly.

  4. Richard Dutton

    Good, clear and full of useful content. I found it very useful – thanks.

  5. Zachary Villacruz

    love how you are showing the tools in context to a full on edit while managing to keep things simple and concise. keep up the great work mate!

  6. Shortcut 4u

    More Affinity Photo and Designer tutorials, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward for more Affinity tuts in the future! Just subbed.

  7. Kimberly K

    this was exactly was I was needing. Thank you. I would love to lear how to remove unwanted things in you photo with Affinity.

  8. All Things Film

    Why is there yellow artifacting on the "After" side throughout the video?

  9. StuphotoArt

    Absolutely great video, thanks for going into detail about the tools. I've really been having such a hard time with editing my photos. One question I have starting with a raw photo in Affinity Develop Persona, in the "Develop Assistant" would you change any of those settings. Specifically would you select "Take no action" for the noise reduction, tone curve, or exposure bias? Thanks for you time.

  10. kstn 91

    Great tutorial, learned a lot out of it! Thanks a million sir

  11. Bill Fried

    An excellent, no nonsense tutorial. Really appreciate it.

  12. James Rimmer

    Really like your teaching style and approach, just switched to Affinity and I'm doing a comparison to LR, this was very useful – Thankyou

  13. selenitafm

    It shows that you know the subject thoroughly, and that you explain each tool. Thank you

  14. sixfiguredebt

    Yeah I'm sharing this video to my friends since we just bought Affinity Photo. Very simple and informative tutorial that highlights all the points of editing RAW photos. You just earned a subscriber

  15. David Appleby

    At last a comprehensive explanatory tutorial covering the develop persona. Thank you.

  16. Martin R

    I agree. Easy to follow and to the point. Thank you.

  17. Kevin Mulholland

    Excellent and clear info which I have now started to use. Many Thanks

  18. Relaxing Musica

    Hello Mike! I found you on affinity photo facebook group that we both follow 😊
    I like the way you explain things and I just love that app and I use it a lot for my YouTube channel especially the thumbnails and I've learned a lot. Still got a lot to learn !
    I'm subscribing and dinging the bell for you😊🌹
    Waiting for more videos from you here !
    Have a great day !

  19. Chris James

    One of the best tutorials of the Develop Persona I've come across, thanks and subscribed.

  20. Chuck Bame

    Thank you for explaining WHY and not just HOW to make changes. Very helpful.

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