How to Fix "Robocopy" Errors

How to Fix "Robocopy" Errors


“Robocopy” is an executable file that was developed for the Windows Operating System by Adobe and Microsoft Robocopy. This is the kind of file that helps your computer understand what it’s supposed to do by giving it step-by-step instructions.

What happens is after you double click on one of the executable files in your PC, the instructions are automatically carried out by the developer of the software to the computer, so that programs can properly run. Basically, every kind of software that you have installed in your computer uses executable files so that you can use them. That said, you probably already know that this error is an indication that malware or viruses have infected your computer in the forms of “EXE” files that are not actually working. You can usually get these files from websites or spam e-mails, and happen upon opening your computer, or while you’re trying to use specific applications or functions.

Why it happens

Listed below are the common causes of the errors:

When the executable file and other related programs have been affected by malware or by viruses;

When Microsoft Windows Operating System has not been properly downloaded or installed;

When the file has been accidentally deleted by other programs upon installation, or upon running;

When other programs in your PC do not work well with Robocopy.exe and other parts of it, and most importantly;

When Windows Registry has been corrupted. This is the most common cause of the problem.

Common Error Messages

Meanwhile, here are some of the messages that you will see onscreen, usually while installing a program, in case your computer is experiencing Robocopy error:

This is not a valid “Win32” Application;

Application Error;

Cannot find Robocopy.exe or file not found.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Robocopy.exe encountered a problem and has to close.

Faulting Application Path

Robocopy failed or is not running

How to fix it

Basically, it would be good to repair registry errors and optimize registry, because as mentioned earlier, it’s the most common cause of this error. Here’s how you can do it:

If you have installed a new Operating System, you might want to revert back to the old one temporarily, because the system may be having problems with your software. Do this before optimizing the registry with the steps mentioned below.

Upon re-installing an earlier version of Windows, make sure to follow the process and do not skip any steps because this would just result to more errors for your PC. Then, make sure that you get to install all updates that are available for Windows to keep your PC safe.

Repair Entries of Registry. To do this, just click the start button, type “command”, then press enter while holding “CTRL+SHIFT”. Click “Yes”, upon seeing the dialog box, then type “Regedit”. Select the related keys of Robocopy.exe, such as Microsoft Robocopy, and then choose “Export”. Select where you want the files to be saved then click save, and then proceed to importing that file to the current registry.

Make sure to choose which apps you would like to install-do not install every single thing you see! Think about how useful might the app really be for you. If you cannot help yourself, look for files that have portable versions because these will not create any registry folders and will not slow down the registry.

Uninstall Programs Properly. Merely deleting a program and sending it to a recycle bin will not remove it from your system. To uninstall programs the right way, go to the Control Panel, and click the Uninstaller so that the list of programs could pop up and you could choose which you want to uninstall. Don’t forget to scan the PC for viruses after.

Defrag the Registry. Defragmentation is essential when you frequently use a computer because as time goes by, you can expect that entries are added to the registry and that loads of information and junk data get left behind even after certain programs are uninstalled.

Defragmentation of the registry is very important. This way, you can be sure that you’ll get to access the information that you need, and that information will be organized clearly. What happens after you defrag the registry, aside from the computer, as a whole, is that you can be sure that data that you don’t need will be removed from the computer and this way, your PC will run faster.


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