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How to get 3 Premium Versions of Kinemaster for Free (Diamond, Aesthetic, Kawaii) | Gacha Tutorial

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credits to @AshleySimp Gacha for the intro

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This Post Has 38 Comments

  1. Clarinee 123UwU

    as you know again me :v
    2019 kinemaster mod
    2021 old kinemaster free
    2021 today kinemaster mod again
    oh yeah 2020 is kinemaster mod too ??

  2. LynNotHere

    Thanks for making it but does it last forever? Same for the Cutecut one 😶

  3. ItzGia̷nnah

    Cherry help,it always says "check if there's a typo"like the website ain't working

  4. Leny Jeevan

    :0 Ty for this tutorial Chewwy TwT It's very useful. But I'm scared to uninstall KineMaster idky xD

  5. •D Saffronz•

    I have a problem….

    When I download the kinemaster,it always says app not installed

  6. Mento

    can I download this without Deleting kinemaster or not?👁️👄👁️

  7. Ruby_ Yukina493

    Hi i’m your fan can you please make how to fullscreen on capcut please🥺😅

  8. Cherry, I have a question. Is this tutorial for iOS and android or is it for android only? Cause I’m an iOS user and when I tried it the file didn’t open.. (sorry if I’m rude 😔)

  9. just a question, does this work on iPhone too? Because I see you have android ;-;
    oMg that intro is just aMaZing

  10. BabySugxr

    it didnt work for me cause my mediafire is broken or it may have problems

  11. •Jenpaii_uwu•

    Oml- Ty So Much Cherry I really Needed This! Your Litrelly A Masterpeice!

  12. StayFriendly

    me, who has the actual premium: (am not tryna make you feel bad for wanting to get it for free, sorry if I make you feel that. 😔)
    it’s big brain time.

  13. xxpasteljasminexx

    Hmm will your previous clip graphics on the free version will be deleted if you download these apps

  14. MiyuMiku

    2:50 You can try to restart your device 🙂 (Hope it helps)

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