How to Get a Deeper Voice in 5 Days

How to Get a Deeper Voice in 5 Days


A lot of men would give anything to have a deeper voice. Deep voice is considered very manly – sexy even, especially to the girls. But the problem is that there is so little a person can do to improve his voice. One’s voice is a quality obtained at birth. And there are not so many methods developed to change a person’s voice yet.

But that doesn’t mean it is totally impossible to obtain a much deeper voice. Some people need this for varied of reasons. Some would like to improve their singing talent. Others would like to be a radio show host or maybe a podcaster. Of course, there are people who would like to make their voice deeper simply because they want to boost their confidence and personality.

Regardless of what your reason maybe, you can have a deeper voice if you just follow these tips:

1. Do some vocal exercises.

You can make your voice sound a little deeper with extra effort. Exercise speaking deeper. Practice speaking in the low pitch that you desire. Do this regularly it would soon grow on you. In time, it would become your normal speaking voice. Try it and you’ll see.

2. Talk slower.

When you talk slow, you tend to be more conscious of the words that would come out of your mouth. Also, talking slow would allow your voice to vibrate out of your ribcage and hit that perfect baritone that you always wanted. Talking slower would also make you a good speaker.

3. Undergo surgery

If you’re really resolved with deepening your voice, try to talk to a specialized doctor about some reconstructive surgery that you can undergo. Such surgeries can make your voice sound more husky and lean. The doctor would have to modify your voice box. And when it comes to money matters, it can really cost you some. This is a rather invasive procedure as far as changing the pitch of your voice is concerned. But it should be worth it because this method can provide a permanent solution to the problem.

4. Testosterone injections

Men with high pitched voices tend to have lower levels of testosterone in the body. And the simple task of balancing such hormones can do a lot. There are hormone pills that are easily available over the counter these days. But then again, injecting them directly into your bloodstream is still the better way to do it. Talk to your doctor as to how you can possibly be benefited by this procedure.

5. Try to relax

The throat muscles tend to squeak if you’re too tensed as you speak. If you have a speaking engagement and you have to talk using a deep, rich voice, it is best that you loosen up your tensed muscles, especially your tongue. Perform some mouth exercises to put you in the groove.

Having a deep voice doesn’t happen overnight. It is achieved with the right methods and the necessary practice. And once you get used to it, speaking confidently in a deep voice would come naturally to you. Then you’ll be more confident and so sure of yourself. You can even lead an entirely new career with it if you want.


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