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How to Get Signed to Interscope Records – If That is What You Really Want

Can you learn how to get signed to Interscope Records? Interscope is one of the largest and leading record companies in the world and getting signed to them means a ticket on the money train for life as well as massive exposure for your music. Here are a few tips to help you get signed to them or other similarly big record companies.

Smaller Record Companies

One way of doing it is to get signed to a smaller label, at least for your first album. Many bands have done this before being noticed by the bigger ones like Interscope. A good example of this is Rise Against, who first created their own EP before then being signed by Fat Wreck Chords (who have a good policy of only signing single album deals) and then finally moving to Geffen (same family as Interscope).

Perform In Contests

While gigs give you much needed practice and help you to evolve your own style, there are so many of them that you have to be lucky to be noticed by any major record companies like Interscope. Concerts, however, are a different matter altogether.

Eminem, for example, was noticed by the CEO of Interscope while performing in the 1997 Rap Olympics. He did not even win the contest but it was enough for him to get noticed and for Dr. Dre to notice his music and want to work with him. The rest, as they say, is history!

Online Campaigns

Interscope is such a large company that they are able to find artists and bands from a variety of genres and using many different scouting methods.

Get yourself a Facebook page, a Myspace page and a YouTube channel. Get your videos out there and promote them with social bookmarking.

One great example of this being successful is with the band, Die Antwoord. This group of South Africans created a crazy video that was then featured on high traffic, viral media type blogs such as The result? Millions of visitors hammering their main website and crashing their server plus a surge in their Facebook fans.

Large record companies see such events as an opportunity to get in quick and secure their piece of a huge commercial pie. This is exactly what has happened and they are now signed to Interscope.

Source by Chris McGraw

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