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How to Improve/Tips Your Computer for Video Editing, Graphic and Also Gaming.

Really making a good and fast video is having a good spec wise computer, If you don’t like i do, I really recommend this tips and apply them!

WARNING: Remember all steps that you do and make sure that if anything problems occur revert back to default settings!

I am not responsible for and damages! If you have any questions message me or comment!

Like this video for more!
More Video to come!

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This Post Has 26 Comments

  1. Urban Dropper

    thank you brother. using windows 7 in 2018 to edit my 4K Mountain Bike videos. #BestInTheWorldTypeContent… Just kidding but it's really good tho. It actually helped me in the process of editing my newest videos

  2. Venom

    you sound like lil yachty god damn

  3. Alex Gonzalez

    You might need to do neither. Just make sure that you are recording an a high resolution. If your monitor is in a small resolution, then you get pixelated. Try 1920×1080 or 1280×720.

  4. Will Pearce

    i have a HD PVR 2 and when i record i dont get a very clear image from my recorded video its a bit pixelated and not very sharp i have rung up there helpline and they said i nedd to update my grapics card but it is already at the latest so will i have to buy a newcomputer or a new graphics card. PLEASE REPLY !

  5. Alex Gonzalez

    Well its best to just upgrade to a modern graphics than just upgrading to a past generation card. If its integrated meaning you don't see a card in one of your slots inside your computer then you cant change it. What you will need to do is purchase a GPU (Graphics Card) and install it.Installing a graphics card will give you much more power than an integrated one. If you need help finding a card, just let me know.

  6. Alex Gonzalez

    You cant really upgrade an ingergrates graphics. Are you using a desktop or laptop?

  7. drex112

    I have a Windows 7 64-bit AMD Athlon II X4 Nvidia GeForce 9200 Intergrated, I want to play Assassin's Creed which is 9600. 600 More and then I would have 9600 which would mean I can play the game. Is there any software than can upgrade the Card into 9900 so that I can play even more games than assassin's creeed e.g. Far Cry 3, Killzone and Call of Duty

  8. Alex Gonzalez

    Yes, a rating of 6.4 is good for gaming graphics. It could many things such as your processor and how much RAM you have. It just depends of your laptop specs and you will have to bring down some of graphic quality in the game to actually run it. If you tell me the make and specs of your laptop then I can help you determine what could be done.

  9. DepreChen

    is a gaming graphics of 6.4 good? if so why cant my laptop play XCOM or NBA2K12 which have really high graphic

  10. Alex Gonzalez

    Its okay! Where you can the Mercury Playback feature is you Look under "Project" then "Project Settings" then "General" then when the window opens you will see" Video Rendering and Playback" and see if you can enable your graphics card. If not it will be faded.

  11. Kevin Ayson

    Thanks for your reply. Im sorry i forgot to include it, my laptop is ACER Aspire 4750G. So where can i find that Mercury Playback thing? I can't find it in the preferences.

  12. Alex Gonzalez

    Before I used and AMD Dual Core Turion X2 processor Laptop with 4GB of RAM and still had choppy video and had the required specs of Premiere Pro and it worked enough to edit a Video.

  13. Alex Gonzalez

    to actually edit the video. Also you may be also to see if you can enable your Graphics card to use the Mercury Playback engine in the preferences. I use a desktop system with a Pentium 4 HT Processor and 4GB of RAM with a standard motherboard Graphics and editing the video in Premiere Pro CS6 runs great, I still have choppy video playback but it is enough to edit the video completely.

  14. Alex Gonzalez

    Well tell me the model number and make of the Laptop so I can research it. You have a good to standard spec laptop to run Premiere Pro CS6, Some issues that I face when I record from my Canon T3i is that the video files are very big, and to not take up the space on my computer I use an external to place the files there. Also its best to get a better playback is also to bring down the playback resolution to a size you can be able to still see it. It will still be choppy and pixeled but will help

  15. Kevin Ayson

    Hi. I have a laptop. Processor: i5-2410M, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GT 540M, but still i have a choppy playback on adobe premiere pro CS6. If I edit large number of files from the canon 5d camera, lets say about 300+ clips, it will be choppy on playback. What supposed to be the problem?

  16. Alex Gonzalez

    Since your computer will be getting hot while editing Its best to have a cooler under to the fans and coolers will stay cool.

  17. Alex Gonzalez

    Also follow this video and you will get much more performance. Doing all what I say in the video will bring down the graphics in Windows 7 and use the graphic resources in editing.

  18. Alex Gonzalez

    The good thing is that you laptop is running a 64bit OS so it will good. And maybe you can swap out the hard drive for an SSD. Your hard drive will be fine if you want to stay with it but I recommend an SSD for more speeds and also less issues while reading files while editing. If you switch to an SSD, I recommend starting off fresh with Windows on the SSD and keep the hard drive just in case. In so, its best to save all your files onto an external and keep just the programs installed.

  19. Alex Gonzalez

    Your welcome! Im willing to help with anything! From overall looking at your specs of your laptop, Your Graphics chip will work well with Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas. You wont get100% real time playback but will be enough to work with. Your processor may be an issue but I think it will do fine aswell. Your RAM will be needed to upgrade to atleast 4GB, but if you want to get more power I recommend upgrading to atleast 8GB.

  20. Alex Gonzalez

    If you can tell me an exact Toshiba Laptop model then I can determine what specs you have and areas of upgrade. There are multiple versions of the C655 such as the C655-S5049 and much more. You can find it on the back of the laptop.

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