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How to Shoot Manual on your DSLR for Beginners

I hope you enjoy this tutorial! What mode do you use when you’re out shooting? Have you ever tried using Manual? Tell me your experiences!


Digital Film Actions

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Julia Trotti

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I Make Films

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Sony RX100iv
Sony a7s + Sigma 24mm f1.4


Canon 5dmkiii
Sigma 24mm f1.4
Canon 35mm f1.4
Canon 50mm f1.2
Canon 85mm f1.2
Canon 135mm f2

Thank you so much for watching! xx

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This Post Has 50 Comments

  1. Julia Trotti

    You can now check out my UPDATED video on how to shoot manual here: where I take you to a photoshoot and show you in real time how I change my settings for different lighting situations and camera limitations too – kit lens, 1/4000 max shutter speed, etc 🙂

  2. Mah Mah

    I love your smile than canon camera

  3. James Montalban

    Nice video content! Apologies for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you tried – Riddleagan Create Memories Remedy (do a search on google)? It is a good exclusive product for creating amazing artistic images with these secret tutorials minus the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy got great success with it.

  4. George Aguagallo

    The meter moves every time take a different picture how can I keep the meter in the center can you help me thank you

  5. abbyjoystudio

    The 50mm is so nice! I usually do 1.8 for a solo client and 2.8 for wedding couples 🙂 I agree, auto can be really hit-or-miss.

  6. Black Mamba

    Awesome video and tips on manual ?
    Very cheery presentation ?
    Loved it. Subscribed.

  7. M

    I hate how I have a vision but I literally suck with my camera ! It’s really difficult ? I hope that I’ll be good someday

  8. romi chaku

    Of all the videos I saw about manual shooting, yours was probably the simplest way of going about it.Thanks.

  9. Duke Nukem

    An F1.2 lens is rare and expensive. At F1.2 the depth of field is very shallow and even the bits in focus are not best sharp because the lens is at the edge of its performance. But that is her style. For landscape and townscape you would not use the settings she talks about, you would use a smaller aperture and longer shutter speed. But the principles of using manual remain the same.

  10. Morgan M

    Why does my aperture not got below 4.0??

  11. Hany AlOthman

    You are just talking and talking us the camera screen and buttons

  12. Margaret Hagins

    Thank you for this life changing manual tutorial you changed my way of seeing the photos in the way I've always wanted them and never thought I could because I didn't have the most expensive lens hut you're shooting with a lens I have and my not having patience learning the settings have held me back! You also explain the difference in setting up for different shots for each subject. Thank you again as I breath a sigh of relief ?

  13. Kamaldeep Singh

    Great explanation, I would like to note that in specific models like that the auto mode may not be "intelligent" as in a newer generation camera which may be used without going out of auto for most basic photographers at small studios.

  14. Jasmine Randhawa

    My lens is 18-135mm 1:3.5-5.5. This means I can’t get as low as F1.2 like you, is that correct? Would F3.5 be too high then, and do I need a different lens? Thank you!

  15. vaaleri

    this may be the best explanation of any thing that I´ve ever heard

  16. Thank you so much for explaining that in such a way that a beginner can understand. I found it really helpful how you explained the process of how you work and your style.

  17. Michael Mcgee

    My old bridge fuji camera broke down and I bought from eBay the more complex canon eos sl 100. I'm trying to learn about it. I had forgotten since years ago I had a 35mm fuji SLR that in order to get a full sharp background you stop the lens down, but, forget what shutter speeds you can use. The old bridge camera, in which the dial mode broke down on of control, never allowed you to go down on aperture, like the old 35 mm fuji SLR.

  18. Katherine

    I am actually crying…this helped me SO MUCH! I just stumbled on this video and another of yours. I have been trying to understand how to start using manual for so long and nobody would help me. The aperture triangle means nothing when you don't know what settings are appropriate for a given situation to start with. Trying to copy the auto settings that were always all over the place was INSANE and now I know why. Not only are they so inaccurate, trying to learn from them leaves me tearing my hair out. Now I feel so much more confident to start, and to put my theory into practice. Thank you so much! Ditto the video on focusing/one shot at the beach- great!

  19. dippy sippy

    Waste of time…bla bla bla no real world examples

  20. Claire Strickland

    Thank you, this tutorial was a breath of fresh air! You made it easy to understand, and I love your photography style 🙂

  21. Beth Johnson

    Your explanation is spot on and incredibly helpful. Thank YOU for making Manual mode no longer a struggle! Can’t wait to try this out now.

  22. Sucka Punch

    do you use AWB? do you use autofocus or manual focus?

  23. Melanie Yang

    Can I break a camera? I have no idea what I'm doing in manual mode.

  24. Ramsha

    Thanks so much for this video! I love how you explained in such simple terminology.
    You may have already answered this but I love your camera strap. Do you mind sharing where you got it from as well as the material? 🙂

  25. Steve H

    This is so helpful! Can I assume you also manual focus as well? Thank you so much.

  26. carlos guerrero

    Love your channel, love to see you talk and you could’ve try to take a foto of that darn mosquito that got on the way???greetings!!!

  27. Relax

    great job explaining the manual mode. Thanks a lot

  28. Rahma Kareem

    I luv the way you talk, there coherence between everything you say, i like listening to you .

  29. Sarah

    This is so informative! Thank you for sharing this!! I’ve always wanted to use my cam in manual mode but don’t know how?

  30. Jonathan Brazeau

    I always like to underexpose by just a bit, just so it's easier to correct blow outs…

  31. Taylor Moore

    I just got a new camera I've never had a camera before so this is interesting to learn it has been very difficult to learn everything but I've only had my camera for about 4 days so needless to say it's something I'm going to have to practice however I appreciate your video it did help me a ton more than you know so thank you very much I hope to see more from you soon

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