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How To Split Clips in iMovie – QUICK + EASY VIDEO EDITS

This video will show you three ways to split a clip in iMovie. I am using iMovie 10 on a MacBook Pro and sharing how to edit a video clip quickly.

Learn How to Edit your videos from Scratch here:

iMovie 10
MacBook Pro

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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. Thanks for the video 👏🏻 Is there also a way to downsize the format of the video – into width 1024 px?

  2. Cheryl Algie

    Hi ,
    Command B was working for me then it stopped working , what have I done incorrectly please ? I’m using Catalina on my MacBook and iMovie

  3. XH. DIY

    Best video I’d seen today 😃 You literally saved me from struggling~

  4. Nora wir

    this was very helpful, thank you so much 🔥

  5. V Team Paranormal

    Hi Lindsey,
    I want to share my iMovie videos on Text Messenger or e-mail but it says it’s too long so it’s only 3 minutes and if I shorten it more I will lose the best parts of the video.. what can I do? How come we can share real long videos to text messages, Messenger or e-mail but not my videos? I find this very frustrating! Do you have a Facebook page?

  6. Mats Lindström

    Command + B just cut and remove part before marker. Any idea what is wrong? Shift + Command + S seems to do the same (split)

  7. Coach Barb

    Thank you! I'm new to iVideo so this helped, specially the command B – who knew! 😆Thank you for sharing…

  8. Cel Amade

    Thanks for sharing 🙂 Didn't realise the command B shortcut existed until I watched your video.

  9. Hi Lindsey, thanks. I use camtasia for my video editing, but also iMovie on my iPad, but not sure it’s the same.
    Thanks for sharing, love to support you. I use video editors soooo much, as I’m a fellow youtuber traveling and inspiring too.
    Welcome to check out my channel,
    Look forward to see more videos


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