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How to use Free Windows 10 Video Editor

Learn how to edit videos using the Windows 10 video editor. The Windows video editor comes pre-installed and is free to use. In this step-by-step tutorial, I’ll show you how to edit videos on Windows 10.

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⌚ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
2:03 Launch Video Editor
2:25 Video Editor start screen
3:50 Name your video
4:17 Overview of editing interface
5:25 Importing videos & photos
7:05 Adjusting Project Library thumbnail size
7:55 Add title card
11:00 Add video & photos to storyboard
13:10 Edit items on storyboard
13:50 Trim video
15:15 Split video
17:16 Add text on storyboard
17:35 Add motion
17:50 Add 3D effects
19:15 Add filters
19:42 Adjust speed
20:12 Remove or show black bars
20:40 Rotate video
20:55 Cut, copy & paste on storyboard
21:21 Working with photos
21:56 Adding background music & audio
24:50 Adding themes
25:30 Finish video
26:29 Preview video
27:11 Wrap up

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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. Kevin Stratvert

    The Windows 10 Video Editor is a great basic video editor that gets the job done. If you need transitions, keyframes, multiple tracks, green screen, etc. Shotcut is a free and open-source video editor that provides all of this and more. Find out how to get started with Shotcut in this tutorial:

  2. Rudolph Aukschun

    Thank you for a nice tutorial. This file is automatically saved in MP4, if I need to transfer it to MPEG 2 what (free) converter will do the best job preserving quality? Thanks-Rudolph

  3. ManzellaBob

    Nice job! I feel like I learned a bunch. Thanks!

  4. Maurice Minor

    Thanks for the excellent tutorial. I had no idea that Windows10 had a built in video editor, and all for free!
    I will definately be watching more of your videos. Keep up the good work.

  5. João Silva

    What a great explanation! This helped me a lot with school projects! Thank you so much :))

  6. Cc Chinnu

    May I know how to download backup video file???

  7. skismania

    Can u mute a video and put your own mp3 instead

  8. Ray Yerbury

    Whilst it is a good app in terms of what it can do, it is basically crap due to its error re drivers and other issues. Until microsoft fix it then dont touch it. The error has been discussed in forums for years


    The mono tone was too much for me…

  10. thanks man, this helped me with my assessment because i didn't know how to use it! 😀

  11. Treyu S

    How do i add JPeg crops in my video?

  12. I have a question. I have some videos I want to edit. When I uploaded the raw footage onto the software to edit, the sound was super super fast and completely out of sync with the visual footage. But the sound is fine when I play the footage on the windows media player.

  13. Ashley Karcz

    It seems there isn’t a way to burn this to a dvd after export. Have you found you can do this?

  14. DesignedLiving

    Hello, Kevin. How do I use increase the Duration of each photo form the maximum 7sec to for example, 3 minutes etc.?. I am using Microsoft Video editor. Your toturials are very good & informative.

  15. Skizy

    how to place more than 1 text on a video?

  16. Reni Szaefer

    Thanks for the great explanation! It's very helpful!

  17. Henrys Adventures

    I did have this on my PC and then a friend did an update and now I've lost Windows 10 Video Editor. Is there anyway I can get it back?

  18. Sanddollar

    YOU ARE THE BEST TEACHER, I will used this for sure. Okay what SOFWare do you use to TEACH or SCREENSHOW this VIDEO? Cause I like the PBLUE CURSOR ETC to TEACH

  19. Emanuel Fathi

    hi kevin this emanuel from oregon how to Add Subtitles Using windows 10 video editor

  20. Dionisio Tato

    Thank you, Kevin!. Excellent video!! BTW I am Mexican. Thank you for visiting our beautiful country!

  21. Can someone tell me how to include the background music on some clips and to not play say at the end when I want to do a recap?

  22. Saeed Ahmed

    thank you kevin ,very informative well explained .

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