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How to use iPhone 12 Mini + Tips/Tricks!

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Is the small iPhone 12 Mini less addictive?

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This Post Has 42 Comments

  1. Stephen Murphy

    I have an Otterbox Strada phone case for my 12 mini. It’s the most protective phone case so I highly recommend it.

  2. mave

    hi im thinking to switch from Samsung galaxy s8 to iphone 12mini, can you please tell me what will happen to my whatsapp chat history? n how to transfer my photos?

  3. Tech Is life

    I got the normal charging adapter. And it’s amazing.

  4. Rose Soultanian

    I don’t know how to delete my photos and the trash in the photos

  5. MIke Martin

    I switched from 10s I wanted a smaller phone for years

  6. 8654 Zulu Foxtrot

    Um, a screen protector? I have never used one since pre-iPhone X………..there is no need. I just ordered the Mini and am trading in my X, which I've had since it's launch. Not a single scratch on my screen, and believe me I don't baby this phone. It's been in my pocket of jeans, work pants, dress clothes, jackets, etc. No scratches. It's been dropped multiple times, placed on different surfaces face down, etc. No scratches. The new iPhone 12's come with an even better screen then my X. So yeah, it appears you have no clue what you're talking about. Thumbs down kiddo. Oh wait…."Super Premium" should only apply to really, really, nice products……not everything you think simply looks nice.

  7. Yours Truly

    So u can’t use a regular iPhone charger for this phone ?

  8. Sithu Kyaw

    If chargers are that cheap why doesn’t apple include it in the box

  9. Ali Fahad

    You should mentioned the cover cases in the title😁

  10. Julie James

    just switched from a SE to 12 mini. great tips thanks

  11. MH Afridi

    There is nothing tips and tricks
    Only cover promotion

  12. Cheryl Jeska

    Good video. I'll take all you got for the 12 mini. Just got the purple 128 and it is a new experience coming from my SE (2017). Thanks

  13. Rodrigo Andrés

    I thought this was about tips not a whole video about cases and charger man.

  14. TTO TTO

    card magnet case is the biggest SHIT ever sold , the forums are full of people loosing all their cards

  15. Frank Yeilding

    Should start a drinking for each time he uses super as an adjective.

    Will get you super drunk!

  16. Freaky Styley

    just an idea: your ring is scratching the screen 🤷‍♂️

  17. Nate p

    Ok but how do I go back in the same app? I've watched hundreds of videos and no one is telling me how to go back?

  18. c00t999

    Basically a trap video – don’t waste your time – nothing here is about the mini more apple phones in general and 85% adverts for produces.

  19. Tman128128

    If anyone bought the iPhone 12 mini the otter box defender is also a good case. I wasn’t much for the defender cases but the mini is so small and slim the otter box doesn’t make it too big.

  20. Angel W

    Thanks for the video. Do you know why my 12 mini screen has a blue tint to it? Google hasn't helped much. Thanks

  21. Tannia Recinos

    I’ve been with my iPhone 12 mini for a week and I didn’t know where was the Control center until this video thank you so much 😊

  22. John Farel

    Also everyone talks about loving the new form factor but I actually thought the SE2 was a better looking phone. I still prefer this one because it’s smaller and yet still has more screen space but my black se2 was just so slick to look at.

  23. John Farel

    I haven’t heard anyone mention it but what are the small off colored marks on the outside corners of the phone? I think there are 4-5 identical marks. They are on mine as well as others and initially I had thought my case had made the marks but I can see they are there right out of the box.

  24. Ghost Mode

    Him: Skip to no 4 or 5
    Also Him: Doesn’t Include Timestamps.

  25. Ashley Clemons

    I bought this phone for my 13 year old. I’m a bad mom. I kept the phone for myself 😭😭😂😂😂

  26. Bartholemew1000

    I just knew you can made a folder like that!! Damn Im moving it one by one, thanks!!!

  27. Plushimations

    i got mine! im not gonna open it yet because i have ordered the adapter for the iphone 12 so i can charge it. once it arrives ill set up my phone and im WAYY TOO EXCITED

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