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How to Use Manual Mode on a DSLR Camera – For Beginners

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This is the second video in a series on how to use manual mode on a DSLR Camera.

Choosing the best camera settings for manual mode shooting is not as hard as you might think. There are so many buttons and dials on your camera it’s easy just to put it into auto and start taking pictures.

This is okay, but is limiting in so many ways. To become proficient using manual mode on any camera you need to learn to control three settings. Your camera has a tool to help you choose the best settings. You’ll need to get your head around this too. Once you have an understanding of these basic camera settings, you’ll manage your camera naturally.

Shooting in manual mode is not complicated when you put your mind to it. I recommend the best way to learn is to be committed. Switch your camera’s dial over to the M setting and leave it there. Then practice a lot in all kinds of situations and lighting conditions.

If you’re tempted to switch back to aperture priority or one of the other auto-exposure settings, resist doing so. Sticking to using manual mode as much as possible will help you learn it best.

Sometimes you may think you’re going to miss getting a photo because you can’t manage the settings. At these times, switch back to your favorite auto-exposure mode and take a few photos. Then change the exposure mode back to manual.

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