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How To Use Photoshop CS6 / CC For Beginners! Photoshop Tutorial

Today I’m going to be teaching you how to use Photoshop CS6 or CC for beginners!
Free Adobe Photoshop CC Trial:
Updated 2020 Photoshop tutorial:

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn all the basics of Photoshop CS6 / CC and learn how to use all of the Photoshop tools and options, this is perfect for beginners! After watching this video you will easily learn how to use Photoshop and can even teach others how to use it, so enjoy!


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Thanks for watching! ❤

– Ziovo ♛

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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. Geann Stacey

    What's it called?

    Cool video tutorial dude! Thank you so much😎

  2. Maryam Aijaz

    So many options are not able to use in my photoshop… like Undo, step forward and many more.. can you please guide me what i can do?

  3. Yancie Sosa

    I dont know where to go to photoshop thats how bad i am 🙁

  4. Sehar Choudhry

    Watching this video in 2020 but now i know all the basics. Also i had a question if somebody can help. I'm having cs6 but i dont have lasso tool further options. Why is it so?

  5. Moa PNR

    Bro my new setting is completely different…. CS6 photoshop….

  6. shreku deku

    Hey everyone the way you get Photoshop for free is: Photoshop CS 6 2. Disconnect your WiFi 3. Type in 1330-1903-8430-6965-5066-7797 intro the serial code 4. Click connect later. It will download premium Photoshop and every time you open it quit the adobe setup because you've already got the full Photoshop file.

  7. Adriel

    Thanks a lot bro❤️helped me a lot.

  8. NateMG

    The "File-> Place" is what i came here for, and i'm so glad you covered it. I'm a photoshop newbie so thank you! You just got a new sub and like on this video 😉


    I came here to make memes. thanks for your help!

  10. modirana23

    Hi. Can you make a video about making a tv squeeze back using photoshop 🙏🏽

  11. joe man

    Brief and to the point> way to go :).

  12. I feel scammed, I had to Watch a minute long ad THAT WAS UNSKIPPABLE THEN I HAD TO WATCH A 30 SECOND UNSKIPPABLE AFTER THAT :(((

  13. Favour Abaecheta

    During the brush tool. The two colors u blended didn't blend in mine. I'm a professional in Corel draw but learning Photoshop. But that background mixture with brush tool. Didn't work on mine. I'm using CS6. Thanks

  14. FrostFire

    Thanks a lot! I managed to be able to do a glitching text effect.

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