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How to use Photoshop layer masks for beginners

You will learn the basics of working with Layer Masks in this Photoshop tutorial at a beginners pace. Colin Smith shows you exactly how Photoshop Layer masks work. Learn fundamentals, then see it in practice and learn lots of tips. Even experienced users will learn something new.


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  1. Thank you for the effort in explaining the layering of mask. you explained it slowly with so much details. And nice example of images – easy to differentiate. And what i like is you repeat in explaining in every step. Bec it's a bit confusing for me at first. Will watch this again when i do the actual. Helpful for the beginners. ☑️

  2. You are so good! I hardly used Photoshop (I want to!) but was about ready to give up, even after watching all kinds of videos. Your videos give me hope again… you make it so easy to understand, explaining very clearly, at a good pace and with great examples. Thank you!!!

  3. Thank you, Colin, I am an 84-year-old beginner I love photoshop and I have always had trouble with layer masks the way you explained it made it easier to understand the way layer masks works I look forward to your photoshop basics.

  4. Thank you, Colin. I'm 82 years old and trying to get Photoshop to take root in my brain. Your tutorial on masks was the best I've found. I'd love links to more of your beginner tutorials.

  5. HI. MY NAME IS Angel. I always liked working in Photoshop, however when I got the new version, it gave me so many problems you wouldn't believe! Now that I've got your instructions WOW it is fantastic again ! ! ! I love the way you instruct. Hope to continue watching and re-watching you. I'm the 'old' man of the block of artists with computers. Congratulations to you.

  6. Hi Colin, your videos are extremely informative, interesting and easy to follow. I set you up on my laptop and follow all the steps on my desktop. Brilliant tutorials, thank you so much!
    Scott Jameson, Sydney, Australia.

  7. I think you did a great job on this and I will still have to watch it a few more times to visualize it fully. One of the things that made it difficult to understand is that your pointer arrow is too small and when you started going around with gradients and opacities it was hard to pick up where your pointer arrow was touching. By the time we could see those other little things you were showing I got lost. Some of the tutorials by others have figured out a way to make their movements much easier to see and slow them down a bit. I do feel that your tutorials are the best I've seen so far and just hope and pray that you can bring More Clarity to the demos by spending as much care on your pointer movements as you do on your verbal explanations of white and black and grey. Thanks again.

  8. I'm another oldie, just turned 78 in January 2021. I've been learning Photoshop cs6 since about 2013; layer masks have always evaded me until this week–you and one other out of about 30 other layer mask tutorials have finally said things in a way that sunk into my brain. Thank you so much for your efforts at teaching. I'm a pro-photographer since 1994 film days, but not a pro-editor. With digital, we need to learn the editing too, so these tutorials are priceless for us!

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