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Huawei P30 Lite 15+ Tips and Tricks

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Huawei P30 Lite 15+ Tips and Tricks

Huawei P30 Lite 60+ Best Features

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This Post Has 21 Comments


    Please Create video on Bluetooth sound deley

  2. Joash Liro

    The call recording option is not on my phone

  3. Sean C Creaney

    You didn't cover video, I want to know how best to use it for video. I just get videos in the middle of screen

  4. Tea King

    my aps restart whenever i get out of them how to stop that

  5. Juan J Guillen

    excuse if I Am taking to much of your time and patience, Juan say hello. how can I get my tel phone contacts with all details to a portable drive?

  6. Juan J Guillen

    I am having an issue with my huawei, the app gallery keep on asking unrestricted permision of my conyactas and photos , and I don't want to grant that, what should I do change phone?. Sorry, Hello , and hope you can guide me.

  7. The Glider Flyer

    Slow down your talk next time , my friend. You are very knowledgeable but hard to follow for new user trying to learn all the features.

  8. Paigethemermaid

    Question for anyone that knows. Is there a way to be on portrait mode and use beautify filter with the back camera but have flash on? On my p20 lite I had before this one I was able to beautify back camera with flash so that I could take close up pictures of my eyes for makeup and stuff. With this phone there's no option for turn the flash on with back portrait mode as I can see. Someone please help

  9. Minecraft Noob

    This video genuinely made me order this phone , thanks so much man , appreciate it

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