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Husband Karan Mehra से Alimony पर Nisha Rawal खुलकर बोली, सबसे बड़ा खुलासा

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Husband #KaranMehra से Alimony पर #NishaRawal खुलकर बोली, सबसे बड़ा खुलासा

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This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. Bhawana Singh

    Anyone noticed that after this much of lot of things after getting this much beaten she is such a kind lady because she is calling karan not karan she is saying aap this much of respect to that type of bad person beating his wife very bad very bad karan mehra

  2. Anju Choudhary

    Nisha ka pyar Kitna bad gya h karan ke liye ye to dikh hi rha h

  3. Ranaa Refa

    She is a fake lady…I can see her…we saw karan in big boss simple he was there…u can very well see what a liat u r neha….woman card…disgusting….

  4. Ayesha Tassadaq

    Its fake ,is larki ka face bta raha hai ye acting kar rahi please drama queen


    calm down nisha ji, time will change….just be strong and have faith in god.

  6. Sevantika Gaikwad

    Kon photo khich ke rakhata hai ase sab chizo ka… Us waqt tension me raho to asa kuch sujhta hi nhi photo click karke rakhne ka to aap ko kaise suj gya photo khich ke rakhu karke… Ye to tabhi kiya jata hai jab kisi ko fasana ho….

  7. Pritam27 Panjikar

    Mummy apke saath rehti hai 2 saal se aur mummyko pata nhi wah wah she is a good actress remember that guys

  8. Aakansha Sahay

    why she has been involving so many people in her relationship from past, they will listen to only one side and support her that can instigation her more against her partner, no one is losing anything in this interview, people will take their fame and move ahead, her life is getting affected for rest of her lifetime
    Idk who hit who that court will decide

  9. world of ams sam

    Nisha tumhari story ditto hamari tarah hai or log tumhe samje na samje lekin jiske hamri tarah ye sabkuch jela hoga wohi samjega


    I can't understand what's going on now a days.. People will scare to trust on guys olz don't do this yaar.. Don't do this kind of things if someone loves u honestly.. If this kind of situation will going on.. Nobody will trust on true love..


    Congratulations on your freedom
    We are happy that you took an action

  12. Gagan Vij awesome

    Nisha g plz rishtey ko save kare n ki alimony baby bhi hai love care respect safety pati se hi milega alimony se nahi

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