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I7-6800k PC Build 2016 – 4K video editing machine

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Hello everyone,

Here’s my story. I’m an amateur radio operator with various technical interest. I started last year a YouTube channel and decided recently to switch to 4K video production. So I bought a professional 4k camcorder. Then I notice that my I7-2600k computer was not powerful enough for the task.

I started shopping for a 4k video editing machine, the specialize one’s are very expensive and what I’ve found on popular computer store were not powerful enough.

So I decided to build my own, I didn’t want anything borderline, I want to edit long video with a lot of effects. So I tried to build this with a budget of $3000 cad. Here’s what I’ve got.

CPU: I7-6800K 6 core 3.4 GHz, Broadwell-E
Unboxing video:

CPU cooler: Corsair H100i
Unboxing video:

Motherboard: ASUS X99-A II LGA 2011-V3 X99 Intel ATX
Unboxing video:

Memory: G.SKILL Aegis 64GB (4x16GB) DDR4 Model: F4-2400C15Q-64GIS

Graphic card: EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB RAM acx 2.0
Unboxing video:

Boot Drive (Windows 10): Samsung 950 PRO SSD M2 256GB PCI-Express

Hard Drive: 2 x Kingston SSDNow UV400 240GB, one for reading the other for rendering

Hard Drive: Archive HDD, Toshiba 2TB 7200 RPM 64MB cache

Case: Rosewill Rize Glow – Full size ATX tower with 7 fans and dual PSUs
Unboxing video:

Power Supply: EVGA 1300 Watts fully modular certified 80 Plus Gold
Unboxing video:

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This Post Has 30 Comments

  1. Good video. Ironically, I have the same exact computer build except I have the GTX 970 GPU and only 32GB RAM. I recently switched to 4K video… literally a week ago for my YouTube channel, but I've noticed my set-up does not feel ideal. The system does not seem fluid. I was thinking about adding a total of 128gb of RAM and maybe upgrading my video card? What do you suggest? Thank you.


    PLANNED to buy my video editing pc on 28th.
    CPU: 6800k. Ryzen dekhe confused hoye gelam purai.
    Ryzen 7 1700x beats 6800k.
    really really confused.
    should i wait for ryzen 77 1700x? or i should buy 6800k?
    N.B: im not a gamer.kono game i khelbona.i need faster edit and rendering performance.

  3. Perry

    Nice video! if you had to do it again would you change anything?

  4. i have purchased many of the same parts however my m.2 950 pro is used for both the OS and applications and also current project files as I was told that this would ensure all reading and rendering will be super fast. I then have external usb 3 8tb WD drive which i move the completed project and files over to once done. this way i always keep the m.2 drive clean. what do you think of this? my parts should be here soon.

  5. A A R Ó N

    Preparing the MOBO on the antistatic bag OMG, that's where all the charge from the enviroment is accumulated, you run the risk of fry the board even using antistatic bracelet

  6. CrackaLackTV

    I don't understand why so many dislikes. This video was very helpful for me. I am literally upgrading from the same pc as you that I built about 5-6 years ago.

  7. Schuch Designs

    Any issues with the motherboard? I'm seeing a lot of negative reviews lately with people complaining their board failed after a few weeks of use.

  8. Commander Shepard

    1300W PSU? Man, you can easily run 2 of these rigs (and then some) with that PSU. You should have gone no higher than 700W.

  9. VFX Ltd™

    If i were to overclock do i have to get a cooler? And how much faster it is if i overclock for video editing? After effects, 3dsmax, fumefx, realflow. Is it worth it? I thought it would be unnecessary as it would cost $150 more… But wouldnt it be a waste since everyone would overclock their unlocked cpu?
    Planning to get a i7 6800k
    64GB ram+
    gtx 6800k

    Any advice ? thanks

  10. Merlino The Cat

    AHAH you like so scared about placing the cpu (that part scares me too) ,had a 5820k that just gone 🙁 and i'm waiting for the 6800k (x99 strix mb). Good Job

  11. ProtossX

    Do you like 6800k more than 6700k is it doing good or not?

  12. Alfred Stoppels

    All in all a nice machine for the job. Although the PS is a bit overkill, you never need the 1300W 😛
    Smart to use read- and render SSD's 😀

  13. Luke Gale

    Did cringe a little bit when I saw the motherboard on the outside of the anti-static bag. It's a good thing there wasn't any shorting!

  14. Virender Negi

    Bro your Blue Ray Drive is blocking the airflow to your Radiator fan i would suggest you move the bay one step down. And plz do something about cable management. With all that stuff inside it can be more pleasing to eyes. check Linus Tech channel for cable management.

  15. 85Davers

    Hello sir , the position of the fans on your radiator is wrong !!!
    There are two proper ways … fans on the top which pull air from outside case , or fans inside ( like yours which are installed vice versa ) that draw air from the interior of case 😉

  16. Rossi Filmes

    This guy does not use very pinnacle vga, could make a video export to this pinnacle.

  17. Rossi Filmes

    This guy does not use very pinnacle vga, could make a video export to this pinnacle.

  18. Rossi Filmes

    You have Adobe premiere in PC? Rec movie user premiere rendering. Is possible. Nice PC.

  19. web.omlz1989

    I editing my videos using Adobe Premiere in 4K just fine with I7-4790 3,6Ghz, 16gb DDR3 Ram, GTX 980Ti.

  20. Billblom

    Very nice.  I did a new editing station using a NUC – the Skull Canyon version.  To add cuda cores will require adding an expansion case, but it has 2 4k video ports natively, along with space for 2 m2 SSDs.  (Mine has 2 SSDs, and a USB3 external drive for rendering output if it won't fit on the internal ssds.  Nice part: installing Windows 10 took about 2 1/2 minutes roughly.  A USB3 thumb drive does a VERY fast install.  The longest time period was getting the activation code correct.  Once windows was up and running, I used the install to hit the Intel web site to download the current driver collection.  That said, I really would like a proper tower that will handle the 4k work.  The NUC is a good alternative that is designed to hang on the back of a big monitor… great gaming machine as well.

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