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iCarly Is BACK: Freddie's Stepdaughter, Carly's New Best Friend and More Secrets REVEALED!

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In 5-4-3 — wait, Freddie has a kid?! Stars Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Cress and Jerry Trainor dish exclusively to ET about the ‘iCarly’ revival coming to Paramount Plus!

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This Post Has 26 Comments

  1. Kyra Dunston

    To be honest I really am not into shows coming back, but I am excited for this.

  2. Courtney Huggins

    I’m actually excited to watch iCarly! Yeahhh it’s gonna be a little different without Jennertte, but hey things happen. I’m a person who don’t really like change lol, like Disney turning classic movies into live action, there are some good ones, but the majority of them, nahhh lol, or a Nickelodeon show coming back, and there’s different cast members, and sometimes you might not feel it because of nostalgia! But I can be a nice person and try to give it a chance! I’m super happy that Nathan, Miranda & Jerry are still here, they are definitely the heart of the show, same as Jennette, but she chose not to be part of the show. And plus she said acting was really not her thing. She wants to be a director/writer so yeah, and there was other problems she dealt with. But she will always have a special place on iCarly! and I’m sure the whole team understands! The show must go on 😌

  3. Manuel GC

    Damn, Freddie went bald. Just shave it off dude

  4. Sam Kerr

    This was my favorite show back then 😂

  5. Liya

    I’m gonna miss Jeanette but I love the diversity.

  6. The HighSchool

    haha imagine if they talked about dan, I feel bad for all of them lmao

  7. Álex Ibarra

    La voz real de Spencer es idéntica a la del doblaje en español latinoamericano 😂

  8. Roger Best

    Wow I'm actually excited for this. This used to be my favorite show on Nickelodeon 😄😁😁😁

  9. mr nobody

    They all look weird but between Freddie and Carly they didn't age well lol

  10. DisneyGirl 4life

    I don’t remember that kiss between Carly and Freddie in the last episode but it proves he loved her more than Sam.

    Him and Sam as a couple was awkward

    Them bickering all the time is what made the show funny. They’re frenemies not a couple

    But I’m glad it ended so well

    I really miss this show
    I’m happy it’s back

    Without Jeanette it’ll be so odd but I respect her decision
    Whatever makes her happy

    This revival is still gonna be awesome

  11. J 91

    They are sooooooo olds… What happed guys?

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