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India overwhelmed by world’s worst Covid crisis – BBC News

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International help is being pledged for India as it battles a ferocious second wave of coronavirus, described by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a storm that has shaken the nation.

Almost 350,000 new infections were recorded in India in the latest 24 hour period – a record number for the fourth day in a row.

As the epidemic continues to grow hospitals are under intolerable pressure – with shortages of beds and critical supplies including oxygen.

Mishal Husain presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Yogita Limaye in Delhi and diplomatic correspondent Paul Adams.

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This Post Has 32 Comments

  1. Pranjali Singh

    do not play with anyone's emotions for views dear BBC have some humanity.

  2. Mukto Chinta

    In the Arabian subcontinent, Uhudism preceded pre-Muslim Uhudism, where Uhudis lived before, the whole of the Arab world was Uhud's ancestral property, and Israel should declare itself a Uhud state

  3. dro sky

    Mean while in Mexico . No elder wants the vacine. Do to a rumor that's part of the new world order agenda

  4. Stebandozer

    India. I pray for you. Stay strong. Follow the protocols. You will get through this.

  5. subitsha Selvaraj

    Thank you to every single person around the world that sending us immense love and support 🙏🙏🙏 though some people are rude in the comment section, it shows how they won't change despite the circumstances cause they're safe and sound but we appreciate each and every person that sending us so much help and raising awareness. Thank you so much for the kind words 🙏🙏🙏

  6. marsham

    Praying for india, wish everything coming back and recovery 💪
    Come from china🇨🇳

  7. Firasat Khan

    Hindu are fail in future planing ,cure covid 19 , vaccination and treatment they only believe in stone statue of ram in Ayodhya they ignore treatment and death of hindu people Being ninety percent in rural areas of india

  8. qodir castello

    Pray for India, they have this much problem and yet still gave the time to condemn Palestine , to talk sht about other country , don't believe me open twitter , they all over the place ,

  9. Sameer Mehta

    Hope next time BBC also shows dead people of UK like they do in India. Every news media have become sick.

  10. I E

    Worst Data by official..

  11. jatin das

    Modi ji kya kar rha ha aap kaha gaya acha din

  12. Sanjiv Chopra

    Shame BBC for sending drones to capture someone's very personal closure. Also, images of patients in hospitals is a very confidential matter which is an offense in countries such as the USA. Commentaries don't match the reporting of similar situations in the UK not so long ago.


    Hi , im from india. Our PM is waste. They want to build statues and hospital for cows. In this pandemic situation PM Modi dont know how to illiterate fool….

    In india if the media reports covid cases this stupid PM is taking cases aganist the media for reporting the cases.

    Such a stupid PM in the world

  14. Shanwang Konyak

    Coz of one mistake of a person…….
    Now the world is becoming hell… 😭😭

  15. Amir Abou Ismail

    Pray for India from russia 🇷🇺 🙏 ❤ 💘💝💔❣💕💞💓💗💖🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍🇮🇳

  16. Shafer Vaseem

    In Gujarat government telling 2700 peoples dead from 10-4-21 to 10-5-21 but they issued 1033000 dead certificate

  17. Karl Van

    Life is an Indian man, death is an Indian ghost. Drink up this bowl of Ganges water, and want to be an Indian in the next life.

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