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Insta360 One R Beginners Guide (Part 1) – EASIER than you think!

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Are you interested in Insta360 One R but are intimidated by the technical jargon and how different the One R is from your smartphone or 360 camera? This tutorial is for you! This beginners guide is for anyone, even if they have no experience with any 360 camera. In this quick start guide, you’ll learn how to shoot with the One R in under 3 minutes.

In this video, you’ll learn:
00:00 Intro
01:45 Key advantages of shooting in 360;
03:29 How to setup the Insta360 One R (don’t omit these steps!)
04:50 How to use Insta360 One R: learn to shoot and share your first 360 video and 360 photo with the Insta360 One R in just a little over 2 minutes!
08:06 5 essential 360 camera tips and tricks. These are fundamental techniques that every 360 shooter must know.
12:15 Why is your 4K phone sharper than a 5.7K 360 camera? When to use the 360 mod and when to use the 4K mod? What are the advantages of each one?

This is a 2 part video. Here is a link to Part 2

Insta360 One R review, FAQ and resource page:

Where to buy Insta360 One R (FREE selfie stick through Sept. 4 when you checkout your cart):

Insta360 One X

One R 30 strengths and weaknesses:
Insta360 One R comparison vs GoPro Max:
Low light comparison:
15 tips and tricks:
4 Motion Trail Effects for Insta360 One R

#insta360oner #360camera #insta360

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This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. 360Rumors

    If you want to try 360 but you're intimidated, then this is the video for you. Here's the fastest way to get started with the Insta360 One R, with the most essential techniques. And if you have any questions, post a comment (not a reply — sometimes there is no notification for replies) and I will answer it as soon as possible! Here is Part 2 of the tutorial:

  2. Jonas Pereira

    Hey Nick I’m from Brazil and your video reached this far!!! 😄😄😄😄 It is super helpful and looking forward the next ones!!!!

  3. OVee’s Vlog

    Thank you 😊 your video is really simple and understandable foe the beginner… I have a question 🙋🏻‍♂️, as I am a full time wheelchair user and it’s difficult for me to hold the mobile and wheeling all together … 360 action cam has any advantage to fix or hold on my wheelchair ? Thanks 😊

  4. Mike Peterson

    I shot a couple videos with a selfie stick. But when I watched them through Virtual desktop, then the free oculus video player the video looked really bad. I was super up close to my kids. It looked like the video was a cone shape, meaning my legs became long and skinny, same thing with the top of the screen. I can't find anywhere how to fix this.

  5. Michael M

    I just bought mind. I don’t see the same thing you are seeing. It came one with languages to choose. Then tells me I need to connect to an app to activate. I don’t see anything settings. The touch screen is not sensitive to touch as well. Not a good first time experience.

  6. Jakob

    Got an X2 and recorded a 4min clip and wanted to try edit it in another app.
    I went into the insta360 app connected with the X2 and then choosed the clip and then hit the download and after a few minutes the clip where downloaded.
    but I got no idea where on my Tablet. (android Tab S5e)
    sure If I open the insta360 app now and don't connect the camera, I can still see the video, but I can't find where on my Tablet it have saved it.. so If open the Reshoot360 app,, I don't know where to look for the video.
    It certainly not in the normal camera-video folder, but its clearly on the tablet when the app got access without the camera.
    any idea where the insta360 app is downloading one's 360 videos too??
    I have not exported it, just choose that download feature.
    Does it make some secret folder, you cant see from a file explorer or is in a format you don't get access too unless you open the insta360 app?

  7. Waqar Ul Hasan

    Problems: 1 Inch Mod

    – Record button Problem : Hit Record and nothing happens

    – Not Recording as you expect : Hit record and it stops or Freeze after few seconds.

    – Stop Recording : Stop Recording and Camera Freezes.

    – Continuously Freezes : Camera Keep Freezes all the time. In 20 Shots (8 or 9)

    Time Freezes

    – Over Heat

  8. Ozy Malayali

    hi. i have trouble to adjust the camera resolution from day to night. In day time its too much light and night time its too dark on the screen. please help me.

  9. Indospar

    Thank you . Just got one R since the X2 not available at Best Buy.

  10. Josh A

    What camera are u using to record your videos they look really clear

  11. How to export normal 4K video from 360° video, with Premiere Pro ❓
    (Shot on Insta360 One R)
    Please anybody explain
    Step by step method


  12. Roberto Landi

    Hello, nice video but does this camera work with any 5 G wifi smartphones ? Thanks

  13. MJ Hinojos

    I took so many pictures and videos and can not find anymore on camera and not in sd card for computer!! Help

  14. Declan Cox

    Recently bought the One R Twin edition, these are great tips, really clear delivery. Thanks!

  15. DKorekkek Couple

    Hi 👋 Sir, when I clip my 360 battery 🔋 and I hear the click sound, I could still see a pretty good gap clearly through between the battery and the cam, facing the cam, is that normal ? The gap is on the left side facing the cam.

  16. Vaishakh Manohar

    Very helpful video!! Just need to know the length of the selfie stick you have used and also if it's monopod?

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