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instax mini 9: tips & tricks for quality polaroid photos

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one year later and back at it again with the polaroid video (instax mini – if people want to come for me)





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This Post Has 30 Comments

  1. Kim Whitby

    idk if I missed it, what’s the best setting to take an image outside? I’ve made a few attempts but they all turn out white!

  2. K D

    Sorry you got hate, fam 🙁 I appreciate you making this video though!!

  3. Sarah Prain

    You’re so fun! You’ve got an awesome personality and you’re so beautiful. You’ve got a great voice too. How anyone could hate in you is beyond me

  4. Tomjaspars

    I have a instax mini link and a instax mini 9 and what really helps when i print a photo i make my bedroom really dark and color my led lights red so the photos get more color (when i go away i switch of the lights and put in in a bag)

  5. Rat

    I've noticed that if you take a picture outside when it's winter you should rush inside or somehow keep the picture warm or it will have alot of dark blue at the top and bottom. I also noticed that even if the picture was taken a few minutes ago it can still get ruined by the cold. If you let it develop somewhere bright after taking a bright photo it can also ruin it. So make sure your pictures are room temperature and somewhere dim while developing, but keep in mind that pictures also get kinda ruined over time if exposed to light so if you're not hanging them up keep them in a box ツ

  6. 13 reason Why

    Sometimes I take photos my don't come out like I what it to be.

  7. Samantha Ander

    I just took a pic in my room, with the house setting, and then I put under some shade. All the colors and shade came out really well

  8. Jurassic jurassic

    The settings is how bright the flash will be so if you put it on the sun there wont be a bright flash because your supposed to use it when your outside and it is bright outside

  9. dakota Nelson

    3:59 I appreciate this review and also the, "I usually take them inside, and…then I….I fuck up!" Lmao 🤣 🤣 🤣 keep doing whatcha doing girl.👍

  10. Mariam saeed

    Tip: if you wanna take pics of people inside then cover the flash (this what i have seen best results in)

  11. Aussie thingz

    I feel like the shitty quality and exposure gives it character and nostalgia to the pics u took but it’s really shitty and stressful to get good pics, with the lighting.

  12. Winner 1200

    Guys, if u know pls reply.. does this camera makes ur photos look all dreamy and blurry?? Coz I've seen some people using it and it looks normal.. I basically want my pictures to have a dreamy blurry effect..

  13. Jimins Pinky

    I have a question, does it damage your camera to take a Polaroid of your phone screen

  14. StarringLunar

    I got a camera a while ago, haven't used it for a while because of film prices. So soon I'm going to get some film and take some pictures of my nephew and is girlfriend on dates and stuff because he wants to make a cute scrapbook, any tips? My pictures sometimes turn out a little blurry, that could just be normal, I don't know, I'm pretty new to this and have nothing to compare it to

  15. Liz Allmon

    She said “No! Please don’t.” Lol I love her

  16. AstrelqSleepy ;-;

    Ugh i really want to start collecting pictures of my highlights from my teenager years but im just super shitty in taking polaroid pictures lmao

  17. MahOlivares

    Cmon sis, let the charisma shine on us mere mortalllsssss. Loved the video, thank u so much

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