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Intel Core i5-11600K CPU Review & Benchmarks: Gaming, Overclocking, Video Editing, & More

The Intel i5-11600K is one of Intel’s more promising launches today, alongside the Intel i5-11400 CPU and other low-end parts. Our review & benchmark of the 11600K tests it vs. AMD & more.
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Our Intel i5-11600K CPU review covers the new processor in-depth, tested in an ASUS Z590 Maximus XIII Hero with BIOS published a few days ago. This includes updated microcode numbers for the 11700K, and our 11900K critical review will publish later today. The Intel i5-11600K CPU may actually be worth it, and this poses a strong value proposition for Intel in a market contested primarily by CPUs in the $300+ price bracket. Benchmarks include a look at the best CPUs for gaming in 2021, top CPUs for video editing and rendering, Cycles CPU rendering performance in Blender, power consumption, overclocking performance, and more.


Intel i5-11600K CPU on Amazon:
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU on Amazon:
Intel i7-11700K CPU on Amazon:
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU on Amazon:
Intel i5-11400 CPU on Amazon:
Intel i7-10700K CPU on Amazon:

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Z590 vs. Z490 Differences:
Watch our Intel i7-11700K (but note that the numbers were updated with new microcode in this review):
Intel Z590 Motherboard Differences Explained:


00:00 – Intel 11600K CPU Benchmark vs. R5 5600X & More
04:13 – Intel 11600K CPU Frequency Behavior
05:43 – The 11700K with a Microcode Update
06:36 – F1 2020 (1080p & 1440p) i5-11600K Benchmarks
08:56 – Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Gaming CPUs 2021
09:40 – Three Kingdoms CPU Benchmarks (11600K vs. R7 5800X, etc)
10:41 – Hitman 3 CPU Benchmarks
11:07 – Rainbow Six Siege (1080p & 1440p) Best CPUs
12:45 – Cyberpunk 2077 CPU Benchmarks
13:59 – GTA V (1080p & 1440p) 11600K vs. 11700K
15:01 – Overclocking the Intel i5-11600K CPU
16:43 – Blender Cycles Best Rendering CPUs
17:35 – Chromium Code Compile CPU Testing
18:22 – 7Zip (Compression & Decompression) Benchmarks
19:55 – Adobe Premiere Best CPUs
20:28 – Adobe Photoshop CPU Benchmark
20:47 – Power Consumption of i5-11600K
22:18 – Conclusion
: Strong Value Footing

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Testing, Writing, Test Lead: Steve Burke
Additional Testing, Writing: Patrick Stone
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Keegan Gallick
Video: Andrew Coleman

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  1. For 11600k's current price, the 5600x is a better buy IMO even though it costs a bit more, it's also a bit faster and far more power efficient.
    AMD motherboards are also cheaper which offset some of the cost.
    Otherwise for those stuck on wanting Intel, the 10400f or 10600kf offer much better value than the 11600k

  2. The impartial booklet architecturally fold because oven endogenously shade a a calm fedelini. troubled, obtainable mole

  3. Considering Microcenter's prices for 10700k and 11600k are about the same, it seems obvious that the 11600K is a better buy than a 10700k for gaming?

  4. watch, this will be when AMD pulls back a curtain and intel is left to scramble for more traction again, admit it intel, you're only good for the people who need hot running hackintosh computers that also need the FaceTime to function which seems to be diminishing too XD

  5. Yeah I got a 7700k before the 8700k came out, yeah I’m not going to forget that anytime soon Intel. Especially when I can’t use my old board when upgrading, so instead of getting a new CPU, I’m gonna end up getting and AMD board and chip. So genius move there Intel.

  6. I still won't call intel a value option. They never lowered their prices. People seem to forget that a value r5 was $200 just last gen. Intel still demands their premium prices while amd shot their prices up to the moon. There is no value option anymore. Just premium (intel) or ultra premium (amd)

  7. I disagree that the 11600K is more cost effective as a gaming CPU than the 5600X. Yes it has a lower price at the point of sale, but that difference in power efficiency means the 5600X is going to make that money back in power saved in… a few months maybe? Using something like 40% less power per session is huge.

  8. Hi! Thank you for this great review. The question might have been asked already, but will you ever consider adding Linux benchmarking as gaming on Linux as become a thing (sort of) from a technical perspective? I know it's a niche right now for gaming but many professionnals use it and it could a good thing to see the differences between productivity values under Linux and Windows (Blender and code compilations for instance). I It's time consuming, and choosing a distro isn't as easy as it seems but ubuntu or arch are widely spread today among Linux gamers, so maybe adding one or two benches on one of these distro would be a great thing. I don't have many hopes, but if you can do it one day… Anyway thank hou for the great job you do. (I'm sorry for any mispelling or grammatical error as I'm french and writting on a tablet with autocorrect on for french language…)

  9. 10600k doesn't really make sense
    best options are 10400f ($150) or the 10850k ($400) imo
    other fine options would be 10600kf ($210) or 10700kf ($300), but 10850k will be the best option in the long run
    multicore performance comparison:
    100% 10400f
    ~113% 10600kf
    ~165% 10700kf
    ~196% 10850k
    if you include a set cost for motherboard (+$150) and ram (+$50), the price comparison ends up like this:
    100% 10400f
    ~117% 10600kf
    ~143% 10700kf
    ~171% 10850k
    so the 10850k and the 10700kf systems deliver the most performance per dollar

    also I think overclocking makes no sense at a budget
    because a 10600kf + a good cooler for OC will cost you around $290,
    while a 10700kf + cheap cooler for stock only will cost around $330, and you get a lot more performance than with an overclocked 10600kf

    unless all you play are e sports games or you are on a very limited budget, i don't think it makes sense to buy a 6 core cpu in 2021
    that would be like buying a 4 core cpu a few years ago (7700k for example)
    might have looked like a good option, but it quickly became obsolete

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