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iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Camera Tricks: iPhone camera tutorial and hidden features

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Camera tricks and tutorial for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: We show the best features, hidden or otherwise, for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus camera. Learn how to use the new Portrait mode on the 7 Plus, how to shoot 4K resolution video, edit slow-mo video and lots more.

Our iPhone 7 and 7 Plus camera tips and tricks will teach even iPhone noobs how to get the best from the iPhone camera.

Read the full iPhone 7 and 7 plus camera tips and tricks guide over at Recombu:

And don’t miss our full iPhone 7 and 7 Plus guide, highlighting the best hidden features:

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This Post Has 27 Comments

  1. Noneof urbusiness

    Bruhh you don’t know how many times I got laid just by discovering these lil things. It works lads

  2. MrDunger99us

    crappy photos, ruined 2000+ photos due to low resolution and no focus

  3. I’m disappointed you can’t take a selfie with either the portrait mode or panorama view.

  4. Mary Mac

    But how do you take good photos in the dark?

  5. Jörgen Nilsson

    Until i did test the phone did i think that it did use the telephoto lens all the time in 2x.
    But its only in good light. Else the wide with 2 zoom.


    someone offer me un iphone and i declined it and now im upset and mad becaluse i didint get un iphone AND NOW TO THOS THAT HAVE IPHONES I HOPE YOUR HAPPY WITH YOUR IPHONES

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