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Is SONY a6000 BEST BEGINNERS camera in 2021? With PHOTO & VIDEO samples

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Sony a6000 is officially discontinued, however it still remains a great camera and great purchase. Check out my other video where I talk about why its still worth buying it:

And this video – check the photo and video samples I have added to this video and suit yourself. Sony a6000, being 6 years old, is probably one of the most popular cameras right now when it comes to beginners. In this video, I am looking at the camera’s photo capabilities first and video capabilities in the second part. This is not a thorough review of all of its features, it is more about telling who this camera is for and is it still worth it in 2021.

Free Presets & Sound Effects:

0:00 – Introduction
0:56 – Photo Capabilities + SAMPLES
2:58 – Video Capabilities
6:19 – SAMPLE Videos

— Cameras —
► Main Camera (my work horse) –
► Secondary Camera (when I get to use it) –
► Action Camera (always in my pocket) –
— Lenses —
► Wide Angle Prime Lens (always using for videos) –
► Wide Angle Zoom Lens (go to lens for landscape photography) –
► Telephoto Portrait Lens (absolutely amazing) –
► Portrait Lens (I got it for free!) –
► Kit Lens (Whats wrong with it?) –
— Audio —
►Audio Recorder (10 years old, still works) –
►Lavalier Microphone (handy) –
►Shotgun Mic (a must have for a videographer) –
►Secondary Shotgun Mic (whats better than 2 mics?) –
— Other —
► My favorite drone (his name is Sharky) –
► SD Card of choice (you need a lot of them) –
► Micro SD Card (and for the drone too) –
► Photography Backpack (keep your gear safe) –
► RGB Light (they are so damn cool) –

#Photography #a6000 #sonyalpha #Filmmaking #Tips #Videography #Howto

Thanks for watching and supporting me. More tutorials and videos coming soon so stay tuned.

For moody nature pictures I have shot check out my Instagram:

FYI I am Amazon Associate, which means that I earn a tiny commission if you purchase anything using these affiliate links. It costs you absolutely nothing but means a lot to me as you directly help me support this channel which allows me to create even more videos. So thank you for that.

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This Post Has 48 Comments

  1. Robert Stin Cueva

    Thanks Man! Gonna buy one next day. I have a6300 for main camera and planning to use a6000 for my back up camera.


    I want to buy this camera, which lense you recommend me for that blury in pictures and videos?


    It's a nice content man! I really love it, your number 1 fan here in Malaysia ❤️

  4. Vincent HUG

    Looks good ! But I think it's absolutely not the same game with 16-50 kit lens..

  5. A Realist

    My only concern with a6000 is it's shitty battery life. It is very bad compared to their latest models.

  6. C J. komban

    Which a6** is good for photography cheap and better

  7. Tech Studio

    Your profesional bro😊Really good vidio👌👊😉

    i come from INDONESIA🇮🇩🇮🇩


  8. Jacek Krzysiek

    is there eye af ? I had a600 few years ago and then a6400. Im gona buy a6000 again and i was surprised that there is eye af – add by sony update?

  9. l l

    what lens do u use for the a6000 in the video? 🙂

  10. Jasper Verkuijl

    Question, it looks like you are using a rode external microphone but the 6000 doesn't have a mic input right?🤷🏼‍♂️ Are those images from a different camera?

  11. Abhishek A

    I am confused between Sony a6000 and cannon 200d mark ii

    Photography is my primary concern, I am a beginner this going to be my first camera. Which should i Go for?

  12. Duy Tran

    Hi Tom,

    I love your video so much! Since the a6000 discontinued, what would you recommend in its place (closest to it in terms of quality and function)?

  13. mr ZORO aniki

    yaaa almost 6 years and the price still the same.. its really worth to buy..and there many third party lenses now.. 7artisan n sigma..

  14. Dadar Gulung

    Combine with sigma 16,30,54 f1. 4 its beast 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Tyson Rana

    Hello Tom, with the help of your video i just buy sony a6000 and now i have no idea of choosing lens.can you plz suggest me as i am the beginner non professional just want to take photographs for hobby no video

  16. ed ton

    Had this camera from more or less release ,just upgraded to the "6400" and in the main I ask myself …..why? ! , iconic, and still awesome, that why Sony haven't discontinued it.
    On a budget or starting out then this is the camera to go for.
    Great, honest vid TJ.

  17. GenoPharaoh

    Love the intro, btw whats the song used at the start? sick beat

  18. Brian Kwon

    Why is he filming this in front of someone's ring camera

  19. Hun Chuluu

    I am taking up photography , Just ordered it after had watched your videos . Great video . Great skill , Great contents .

  20. I shoot little Weddings, little Ceremony-s, i have a Nikon D5000. I want to switch to Sony. What do you say,guys. Sony A7 I or Sony A6000?

  21. end. !

    for amateur milky way photography with sigma 16mm f 1.4 is worth to buy now? 🙂

  22. Greater

    Is this the same as the Sony Alpha a6000? I know you said it's discontinued, but I saw it in Best Buy today? Is this a different camera. Also, I see you were able to connect an external mic and plug it in, but the Alpha A 6000 that I saw at Best Buy doesn't have a port for an external mic. I want to use a camera to create commercials, but not sure if this is the best option or not. It appears that the video quality has a better color than the Canon Rebel t7 that I saw, but maybe I don't know.


    Awesome video❤…. Suggest me good camera for vid and photography bro

  24. Artem Pkv

    Like this camera,but is not cheap for Russian people (hello russian rouble). I have sony A58 with a-mount,but it's not perspective system:(
    I don't know what to do in this situation..maybe switch to another Canon🤔

  25. Game Deck

    Sir what kind of lens is the best for a6000 for cooking video? Thanks

  26. Carlo Gigante

    Nice review but it defeats the purpose to pair it with a €500+ lens. How is it's performance with the stock lens?

  27. Vishnu Ravi

    we did a wedding video recently..with a7riii and a6000..the a6000 shots were 😘😘

  28. Bill Wins

    Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III vs Sony a 6000?

  29. 老猪

    very love ur video ,thanks for u share

  30. Don’t Watch Me

    I have only used canon up to this point. I want to slowly transition to Sony mirrorless cameras, so is this camera a good one for me to get started with?

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