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It’s a GIRL! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reveal Archie is Getting a Sister

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On Sunday’s ‘Oprah With Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special,’ the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared that they are expecting a baby girl. The couple discussed when their daughter is due and whether or not they will continue expanding the family after baby number two. Markle also detailed her experience with the royal family while pregnant with Archie, and the serious conversations she didn’t see coming.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. AMBER

    Not To Be Rude Or Harsh. But With All The Conserversy Surrounding Harry And Meghan. Am I The Only One That Thinks Their Marriage Won't Last?

  2. Bina Bain

    2:50 💖
    I'm so happy for them ❤
    Harry & Meghan are the best couple 😍
    May GOD bless them and their children ✨

    Btw 70% of the comments are so disgusting 😒😒😒

  3. Brazilian-Lady

    God Bless them with peace 🙁 _ They where there for Harry after his mother passed away!! Is Meghan wants to sale a book? But talk about his family? When her family turn their back on her? Who was there for her? His family?
    Maybe her sister was right . ???
    #uk #la #losangelos

  4. beingme

    Im hoping they dont name their daughter Philippa.

  5. Vicky 12

    As one final "service" to the country and the family, Harry and Meghan might wanna consider naming that child Philippa. I just read the Prince died today! Rest in Peace

  6. Kpop Diary

    If they didnt want colour in their generation, why did they allow to marry with colour people esp Black. I wonder they left royal families or did royal families force to leave them. Almost all of british people didnt accept Megan as their prince's wife. And they even blame innocent child. Megan also did wrong move. If she didnt want royal life, why did she marry a prince. She should think all the hardship that she will face when she became a member of royal families. Why did she interviewed with american show to drag down royal families. She should end peacefully relationship with her husband families.

  7. Di Ane

    Meghan actually wound up the public by preaching about carbon footprints, making people feel bad about taking one holiday a year – when she was constantly jetting all over the world, often on private jets and being such a hypocrite. Having a baby shower in New York, that cost millions, whilst lecturing to those who struggle each month to pay their rent.
    That's what people objected to.
    That's got NOTHING to do with colour, nationality etc.
    If they can't see why this would cause bad publicity, then they are just as dim, arrogant, and entitled as they appear to be.

  8. Pee Nut

    Humanitarians don’t burn bridges! Charity starts at home. Being in the public eye it’s not about u and your dirty laundry all the time coz we don’t want to hear it! Focus on your goals and I mean not goals of destroying a tradition that has been there for centuries coz u can’t change that. We who are watching u can see the lies and unmatched answers. Meghan needs rehab. I hope Their kids won’t do what they do to their family

  9. Richi K

    She act vry well after all she's an actress.

  10. Angela Boheme

    Why would you call her Meghan Markle? As if they weren't married? And she still belongs to the Royal family. You should put "Duchess of Sussex" in the headline!!!

  11. Love Always

    They'll name the kid Edith or Gloria. In homage to naming Archie after the most racist and bigoted sitcom All in the family. Meghan and Harry should practice what they preach.

  12. Queenofpunt3000

    The should've be grateful if that child would have his moms completion. He would be damn lucky to have some melanin, not to burn the sun and not aging fast , instead he turned pale us fucked. 🙄

  13. Reena s

    Can these the BRITISH Royals be discarded forever?? I mean wtf..we are in 21st century and still these royals don't blooody do any work..rather dress up and attend events…?? #STUPIDITY

  14. Dani Houle so were is the racism ? u guys couldn’t of said it better Meghan got more attention then any other royal so bye ET I hope ur rating drops and never come back wake up people think for urself Meghan doesn’t control u ! Neither do these puppets! So sick of this deprived world … look at history & look how far the monarchy has untied us . We some what live in peace now so stop trying to stirrup the nations ! It’s only Meghan markle nothing to fight over ! All I have to say is I told u so , & now I honestly believe these people are kissing her ass . For what she’s no duchess now ! She’s a not only just a gold digger but a gold digging trader now 😂😂❤️🇬🇧🇨🇦

  15. ava morris

    The tasteless lung adventitiously terrify because cappelletti precisely cause concerning a drab elbow. sour, kindly beef

  16. Sanaa Shah

    Didn’t know Oprah was a squeaking dolphin 🐬 whaaaaat! Whaaaaaaaaaaat lol 😂

  17. PipersSon

    Harry must have known the people Meghan Markle was going to meet and socialise with were out of her league especially after she was caught with a camera photographing the interior of Kensington Palace and thereafter was forbidden to walk around similar properties unescorted. Looking ahead: 'It appears the view formed was: "That if a future marriage rift occurred she would -be in possession of private photographs and information that foreseeably could be sold-on to supermarket tabloids and tv stations. The Oprah W "I was there and this is what I noticed Meghan show" is proof positive that these initial Palace officials suspicions were correct – meaning she had traitorous thought no True Brit or member of the Royal Family would ever entertain and which incidentally prove Piers Morgan nailed her correctly and he deserves all our thanks and praise. Harry was a fool to go along with her scheming and not to put a stop to it, appearing on the show with her was a huge mistake on his part for which he will never be forgiven

  18. Martiane

    Meghan whines and complains too much as if she was not catered by Harry’s family. I saw there wedding was amazing! I still believe she can do better than throw those people under the bus. If She’s a real humanitarian people will respect her more if she will show FORGIVENESS & compassion. Oh how terrible she’s been through poor Megs and please stop burning bridges and show Harry it o rebuild family connections instead.

  19. Emma Dally

    they technically have three even though she miscarried

  20. Jaroslaw Karakan

    The Royal family is. very unhappy family. The Windsor DNA code is demage and especialy 18 th chromoson. The Queen knows about that and she afraid of her successor.

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