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Jacob Bertrand (Hawk) Dives Into Cobra Kai Season 3 Spoilers | Entertainment Weekly

EW’s Rosy Cordero goes live with Cobra Kai’s Jacob Bertrand. Jacob discusses Hawk’s emotional season 3 journey, reveals everything that goes into his on-set transformation and shares what he’s learned from his character.

Also, hear a hilarious story about a cooking related misadventure with costar Xolo Maridueña!

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Jacob Bertrand (Hawk) Dives Into Cobra Kai Season 3 Spoilers | Entertainment Weekly

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This Post Has 27 Comments

  1. oscar salazar

    The vague bush universally kill because airbus contrarily curve a a awake wing. wary, greedy frog

  2. Andrew King

    Hawk is a Mole for Kreese and Cobra Kai!!! He has the hots for Tory. And she has a thing for Robbie. And Hawk can't stand Robbie for what he did to Miguel in Season 2…

    Hawk will have a new love interest Name Angel. Because that was the name of the Hawk in The Next Karate Kid. There WILL be a connection…

  3. Jackson White

    I feel like she gettin a lil bit toooooo comfortable with jacob. I mean the way she lookin at him and smiling at him, its not cute.

  4. Erika Ortiz

    I Love hawk so much that sometimes I wanna be him because I get builded at school to and I’m in karate to and sometimes I wanna beat them up to like u did in season3 to the guy who builded you, that’s the same thing I wanna do to them because they pick on me and one day ima get them good like you did to the guy who builded u. :,)

  5. Kelly Michelle

    Sweet guy, but someone please tell him that rice cookers run from about $16-30 at places like Target and Best Buy. ✌?

  6. Amy Musa

    When he said he watches anime……….. YES!!

  7. Null User

    He should be casted as a young Luke Skywalker

  8. Null User

    He should be casted as a young Luke Skywalker

  9. Such a likable kid. I think the most down to earth and fun out of the whole cast.

  10. Charlie Bean

    The look on her face when she used the rice cooker analogy?

  11. Mirmae J

    He is SO adorable and dorky and quirky and his smile is INFECTIOUS and just lights up the room…. time to add him to the LOOONG list of white dudes I have a crush on ???????

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