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Jennifer Garner Is Supporting Ben Affleck After Ana de Armas Split

Ben Affleck and his ‘Deep Water’ co-star, Ana de Armas, recently called it quits. Now, a source tells ET that his ex, Jennifer Garner, is ‘supportive of him moving on.’

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 22 Comments

  1. Guillermo 1822

    If I was Ben I’ll try to fix my relationship with Jennifer. Get rid of my drinking problems and live my normal life as a caring husband and father.

  2. Ali k Zertal

    Ana de armas is a bit….. she changes guys like she changes her underwear, she can't stays in a relationship more than 2 years,I don't blame her she's young and frech

  3. Jessica Pazo

    Shes always been there for ben….but is he ever there for her?

  4. dmac Tyler

    Doormat no.2 . Jen Aniston is the ultimate doormat.

  5. I like both …. in my opinion they formed a beautiful couple

  6. T

    I got divorced in 2019 because as much as my ex wife loved me, she could not deal with my drug abuse. I am now clean for well over a year now and never looked back. Thing with intoxication abuse is it does not just affect you but others around you. As much as a nice guy you can be, it's not enough nobody wants to see a drunk ass who can't control his desires. I am now set to remarry again and informed my new wife to be everything about my past she is happy to proceed and I promised her I will not do what I did before in my first marriage, end of the day people can change I am truly blessed to be given another chance in life, this chap really needs to get his head together stop feeling sorry for yourself and honestly just get on getting some darn help if I can do it anyone can.

  7. A P

    I lost respect for Ana after she started dating this d-bag.

  8. Robert Lord

    Cmon Jennifer go see Ben he need u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Laura Ifill

    She should've never gotten together in the first place. Jennifer is a strong woman. I wish Ana the best and that she moves on from this. I wish them all the best.

  10. Arun999

    When a rich woman picks your drunk ass up gets you del taco and than drives you to rehab and takes you back in. That’s the woman you stay with.

  11. Sam N

    Jennifer is a super woman and great mom. And Ben deserves another chance .

  12. bourne220

    Ben and Jen just need to get back together already. It's obvious those two still care deeply for each other

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  14. Gigi LovesGod

    Soon he finds "Another Girlfriend"…
    My goodness 😳 Jennifer is always in Ben's life, even to support all his constant on and off relationship with girlfriends…it's really weird… support on his alcoholism not too bad but🤔…Well their lives are it's public so, I say what I believe, right!!!

  15. Lexie Anderson

    This is the strangest story. Ben Affleck did not experience the death of a loved one or even an animal. He hasn't been diagnosed with a terminal illness. He was never married to Anna, they were together for five minutes, they don't share any children together, and they don't share an extended history together. I do not understand why anyone cares or the big deal behind his split with this girl. It's weird.

  16. Obed Reyes

    She was too young and too hot for him. Shes also in the process of being one the hottest actors/celebrities there is and he's definitely on the way out… it just made sense it wouldnt work. He was still very lucky to have dated her.

  17. Jean Ku

    Ana probably wants kids and Ben isn't having any of that! He's done with having to chase after toddlers! It's not glamorous work!

  18. Jean Ku

    Relationships are so hard when you're a celebrity.

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