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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez SPLIT After 4 Years Together

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodirguez have broken up after four years together, calling off their two-year engagement. A source tells ET, ‘The couple has called off their engagement and have decided their relationship has run its course. Jennifer felt like moving forward to marriage wasn’t right. Recently Alex’s character has been called into question and that didn’t sit right with Jennifer. The couple will always have respect for each other.’

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This Post Has 31 Comments

  1. Geoff Eldred

    Hey J lo—-why don't u quit dragging your poor children through your fornication nightmares and grow up. Maybe dress like a God fearing respectable women like Kelly Clarkson.

  2. Geoff Eldred

    Thank God for Arod. He dodged a bullet. You don't marry women like Jlo. Bad track record and dresses like a 12yre old on her way to middle school. Fun for a quicky then dump her. She's all me me me, look at me—boring.

  3. De Nice

    She like to Marry Ben and A rod. Both men loves blondes

  4. Mary Brennan

    Alex's a cheater and hes cheating on woman before Jennifer, once a cheater always a cheater . Jennifer wasn't the first woman he cheated on and she won't be the last. He has commitment issues he likes to have his cake and eat it also.

  5. Ebony Ivory

    Because women matured and she's not that young and fresh all the time like what's happening to many women even how good the surgery men will search for younger girls

  6. Stefan Kurlak

    We do not care … this does not impact our lives at all

  7. Dawn Lyke

    With the Covid19 having to postpone the wedding, not once but twice ..In my opinion, GOD and their GUARDIAN ANGELS are pretty much saying "Don't get married to each other" Alex, yes, how does it go, once a cheater always a cheater. I know that if a man cheats once in his life and never again, I could trust him. However; Alex has a reputation on cheating with a lot of woman..What does that tell you!!! I don't think Jennifer is fake at all..She is just well guarded and very humble and very caring I think, and as she should be. She is Jennifer Lopez..She has worked hard for her status, but she is very talented..She has gone through men a lot in my opinion, but again she is naturally beautiful. I wish the best for the both of them though.. I do wish I had money like they do…I don't even have a car. Long story but I am 58 yrs old, have had Uterus cancer, had a hysterectomy, and now doing radiation…I had Covid19 back in July 2020. I made it through that, but I do have after effects from having it. I am blessed though..Life isn't what you have, it's how you live with what you have. Faith, Love, Hope and you have to Believe and everything will be ok…GOD BLESS YOU ALL.. 🌺🌹🥀🌷🌺🏵️🌻🌼💮☘️🍀

  8. I knew that wasn't going to last..Jennifer need to.slow down and get to know to men before getting into relationships, Alex like to play women.come on now..

  9. Jessie Gerdes

    Hate to say it but Jennifer need to calm down. Alex better. Supported her

  10. ndikabo bebero

    I knew it was coming! JLO can’t stay long with a man in a marriage !

  11. Joan Kissoon

    These people have money, so they don't care who get hurt. The truth is the children are the ones that get hurt in situations like this. Why putting your children through these nonsense please think. Before making any serious move THINK. Used your brain 🧠. Used common sense.

  12. C.A. M

    The problem in all her relationships is her LOL


    At least there's no kids involved except the ones they had from others .

  14. alise wesly

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  15. Mel N.

    People need to seek God. People do things in a so disorganized way, they play to much games.

  16. Joyzz Monte

    I guess she needs to find a partner in life like 60 years old man,bcoz she's old 51, for younger man.

  17. Zk Sharpe

    He's a baseball player and with that mind set is the low key personality. He has no ambitions to grow and its obvious

  18. Diane Richards

    I knew this would happen, he is a player and can't be trusted, she doesn't seem to get that unless she knows but won't say in front of the cameras. He was no good from the start, he gives me the creeps.

  19. Pam M

    Who really cares !!!!!!!!

  20. Maria Blanch

    For God sake! Who cares about these millionaires. I'll make comments if I get pd for it.

  21. bandas mix

    Der Song der von Wincent getextet wurde war soo unglaublich berhrend und s fand ich Wer fand das auch

  22. Sangvinik

    Oh but l thougt this time everything will be👍 😕

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