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Josh Duggar Arrested in Arkansas, Sister Jill Reacts: ‘It’s Very Sad’ (Exclusive)

Josh Duggar was arrested in Arkansas on Thursday. Jill, Josh’s sister, and her husband Derek Dillard told ET exclusively: ‘We just learned this information. It is very sad.’ Duggar was arrested in Washington County and TMZ reports he’s currently being held in a detention center without bail. The outlet has also reported that Duggar’s car dealership in Arkansas was raided in 2019 in connection to a federal probe. Duggar’s arrest follows his and wife Anna’s announcement last week that they’re expecting their seventh child together.

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This Post Has 33 Comments

  1. MAGNUM05

    Judging by his mugshot, you can easily tell he shows no remorse for what he has done. I hope he rots in prison.

  2. yasio bolo

    That smirk shows a man who isn't worried because he knows he'll be free soon enough. 🙁

  3. bouytt guyt

    he is smiling in his mugshot? that family is just wierd

  4. sehhi vooty

    He is smiling, like he's so confident he will go home. Hope not, because he doesn't seem to be able to be rehabilitated. Now I hope the authorities focus on his children

  5. kim Q

    Its sad what he did to his sisters…..real sad that he hides behind his religion. Hope he gets the maximum

  6. KMS

    Josh and Anna are both very disregulated
    It’s all Creepy weird

  7. Love Animals

    He's definitely a sick individual (and it started way back). I heard some of the images on his computer were of toddlers being sexually abused. There is absolute evil in this world and I just can't fathom it.

  8. sara kate

    Guess TMZ got the wrong info cause I just heard he posted bail. There shouldn’t even BE BAIL for something like this. End of story

  9. Pam Brackemyer

    Train you kids? WTF? Are they like dog training? These people and are bat sh!t crazy.

  10. Kathy Whitaker

    This slimeball should not get out of jail to wait for his trial he should sit in jail where he belongs like Toby Willis did this is outrageous

  11. Indigo Girl

    The beliefs these families follow is so toxic and abuse allowing

  12. Keith Haymon

    I hope she his wife Marries a black man the whole clan would fall apart no pun intended LoL

  13. Katie Johnston

    Makes me sick that his wife would still continue to support him. Especially after this gruesome, horrifying, and evil story has been revealed about what this man has done. I honestly thought the story about him abusing his sisters and the Ashley Madison situation would have been way more than enough for Anna to leave him. Especially since he was unfaithful to her and has continued to have children with her.

    My heart really breaks for their children. They’re going to have so many issues from this and be scarred for life. Can’t even think about how it will affect their baby who has not even been born yet who will someday have to learn about the monster their father really is. I really feel for the Duggar sisters too as they have been deeply traumatized from what their brother did to them when they were younger and were forced to basically hide it all from the world. These people I have sympathy for in this situation, but not for any of the others (Jim Bob, Michelle, Anna). They are equally as much at fault as Josh is and responsible for basically enabling this behavior to continue with him. It’s heartbreaking.

  14. ScaryEducatedChic

    Oh yeah, the Duggar parents really showed Josh…how to try to get away with it.

  15. dcoog anml

    counseling, usually doesn't work. He needed more help than that.

  16. Elle Lora

    I read about the files he had on him. Videos of 2 girls between ages of 5-10. And he has 7 of his own kids who are still little. Disgusting POS🤮

  17. Lester Hansford

    He has the Nerve to have a smirk smile on his face being booked. What a Creeper – scary part he was released home where he has children.

  18. Bentley Milnes

    I feel so sad for the family I used to love the show and watch it a lot when it was on the air

  19. nana Aragrev

    Deserves all he gets,when prove is on laptop no matter who they are related to, the evidence speaks for it self, Authority should perform without cover ups.

  20. hoiy vinosa

    AND This Family Had The nerve To Talk Family Values

  21. Diane McCullough

    He needs to be in jail or in a in stay counseling center at a facilty where he can get the treatment he needs.

  22. Marc Anthony

    He'll find God again, it's what these peeps do. As if God really needs this shit in his life.

  23. FC LLC

    It's not AT ALL "impressive" that they've had so many kids! If you have children who are so neglected that some of them are being sexually abused by another one of YOUR OWN children, that's neglect at best, but more likely child endangerment!!! The parents were so negligent they either didn't know or didn't want to know!

    HOW DO YOU KNOW his own family was protected?!!! We DON'T know that! He very well could've been abusing his own children!

  24. Katie Jackson

    I wonder if the Father Jim Bob touched the kids, NOTHING shocks me with this family. Oh there Christians they are great get the F— out of here.

  25. Dan R

    Typical Conservative Republican.

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