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Kardashian Sisters QUESTION Addison Rae and Kourtney’s Friendship!

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In a preview for next week’s ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians,’ Addison Rae makes her long-awaited debut on the E! reality series. Meanwhile, on Thursday’s episode, Rob Kardashian made a rare appearance at the family’s Malibu home. Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian also decided they’re best as co-parents, despite her sisters’ best attempts to rekindle the romance between the former couple. ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ airs Thursdays on E!.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 49 Comments

  1. Sara E

    sure i think its a bit weird but where were yall when scott was sleeping around with 19 yr olds ??

  2. Chad Gossman

    No kourt decided their simply platonic co parents. And fact she had break to family she with Travis. Kinda hard start back with him when their together

  3. Chad Gossman

    Idk I like their friendship let's home she doesn't back stab kourt or do something crazy like alot the kar-jenner ex bestfriend have

  4. sayantani

    Why do I feel like Addison's situation will end up just like jordyan woods.

  5. Bali

    Lol I love how Kim asked mason the questions because kids never lie

  6. He He

    I mean I don’t have a problem that Addison and kourtney are friends but how did it started bc Addison is just a tiktoker and kourtney is a famous celebrity like huh

  7. Kenzie Hansen

    And you all dont think shes a clout chaser? Lol shes a child hanging with successful adults🙃

  8. Korona Marquez

    y’all are so gullible. this is just a real smart marketing move. think about it.

  9. Brooklyn prado

    Ok but if Scott can go and sleep with ppl who r younger than Addison what's the problem with kourtney being friends with a 20yo

  10. M G

    There's a lot of people in the comments saying that they're friends with older people so this isn't weird. I agree, you can be friends with an older person but (in my experience) there's always been a barrier. The friendship never really deepens and flourishes like a friendship between people of similar age.
    For example:
    1. I'm friends with an older woman at my gym for about 2- 3 years now (I'm 19 btw). We talk and stuff, she even gives me a drop home time to time. Would you consider it normal if she invited me to a sleepover at her house and then I slept in her room? I mean even if I didn't sleep in her room it would be weird. I could imagine my mother wouldn't be fond of the idea at all.
    2. Imagine your mom suddenly starts hanging out with someone your age and they have sleepovers at your house in her room. Wouldn't you be sus?
    I can understand her being a mentor and stuff but still having a woman half your age sleeping in your room is strange (even if her kids are nearby). Let's not fool ourselves.
    If they both were to come out tomorrow and say they were more than friends I wouldn't mind. I mean look at Scott, he likes them young too.

  11. M G

    Damn if there's a chance of Kourtney Kardashian being my sugar momma, I'd take it happily. Screw what anyone says💀 #kourtneymilfkardashian

  12. Sienna May

    Tbh I think it's weird for a 40 & 20 year old to be besties – outside of a mom & daughter / other blood-relative relationship. But they can do what makes them happy.

  13. BuzzGeek

    Age is just a number. I'm 28 & I have a friend who's turned 51 a month ago. He's literally my best friend & he gets me & understands me more than my girlfriends who are of the same age as iam.

  14. Ivanneth Suyin

    Why are people trying to make this seem like this is inappropriate and predatory they are literally friends like yeah the age gap is there but from what we are seeing nothing inappropriate is going on plus I’m pretty sure Scott’s GIRLFRIENDS are literally the same age as Addison Rae if not younger, the double standards here are crazy

  15. Liara K

    Khloe and Kim are like boring judgy aunties

  16. A B

    Okay so scott is dating a 19 year old and we are talking about Addison Ray being Kourt's friend, LIKE LITERALLY A "FRIEND"?

  17. MEIRA

    No one is keeping the same energy with scoot 🙄

  18. Sunday White

    Soooo no ones is going to talk about Scott dik 19 year old girlfriend 🧐😑

  19. jem

    Khloe and Addison kinda look alike

  20. Mary Adkison

    Just another punch line. Not amused 🤨🤔🤔🤔

  21. Taurus Tarot

    Really wished they would bleep David’s Name out of that Kardashian’s episodes. He is such a poor example for his young audience

  22. María 1119

    I honestly think both kourtney and kim are into women or would be.

  23. Estelle Gantt

    Ummm khloe and scott was in before one season and nobody said a thing

  24. ITsmeagainhun

    The reason i love kourtney is that she moved on with her live and she's great mom scott can go f** his self

  25. angela lasorsa

    Wtf is poosh. She better be careful before she ends up like michael Jackson and bill Cosby. Lmao it is the “me too” movement where anyone can make an accusation and society has to believe them or get cancelled

  26. Dree

    They are questioning Kourtney's friendship, but not questioning Khloe for taking a man back who publicly humiliated her multiple times? 🤦‍♀️Smh

  27. Lil Ellie

    Just leave them alone there probably just best friends!!

  28. Joe C

    I don’t see the problem my mom is 48 friends with 35 and 28 year olds


    The girl js older than 18 so its totally fine😐

  30. Larissa Boyt

    Honestly she try’s to act like a kardashian so hard

  31. IssaBoutNiyah TM

    Honestly i think they are just friends but if they were in a relationship i would ship it 100%

  32. TheOneTruth

    Hi for those watching this just know that Jesus loves you!

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