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Kim Kardashian BREAKS DOWN in New KUWTK Trailer Amid Kanye West Divorce

Kim Kardashian is admitting she’s ready to be happy amid her divorce from Kanye West. In the new midseason teaser for ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s’ final season, the beauty mogul got extremely emotional talking to her family about her split from the rapper. Meanwhile, Kourtney and Scott are still working on some issues of their own while talking about their relationship.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. Evan

    Kourtney is the only one that basically looks the same. To the other sisters please no more work on your face. You are all naturally beautiful.😍

  2. S leecakes

    "Yeah I feel like a looser!" Me when I sit on the couch all day eating

  3. Why is he so jealous?? He always keeps a “12 year old” girl on his arm!?!?🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Dan Arakaki

    Well kim/D no one could imagine what and where we Kim and I are at in our lives. It's happening it's real and the future is looking ONE day 😍

  5. Amaris Gonzalez

    Trust me these wannabe celebrities are fast… she’ll get married in no time lol!

  6. Cher’

    Good luck 🍀 divorce is NOT easy!!

  7. Julia Portillo

    When she cries — her face looks so lft. All those surgeries 🥴

  8. Ssr

    What nonsense Scott…. He has no right to question kourtney being flirty…. He has no right to control her.

  9. Ssr

    Tough decisions but not necessary to show it on the show…

  10. OuttaThisWorld

    Just like Khlies "liaaaaar" moment tjis won't be about Kanye.

  11. Heather Lynsey

    I’m gonna think highly of someone who leaves something that isn’t making them happy.

  12. QUINHAS 67

    When will the Kardashians go away? They are horrible examples for young women, for any woman. I am tired of social media, magazines and other form of publications that promote this terrible family and its members.

  13. J R

    Everybody wants to be happy. But not happy with each other. 👆🙄

  14. Ilse Wippenaar

    Fake fake fake. Just a show for attention seeking. I will prayer for Kanye. May God protect him always.

  15. Scott needs to find somebody his own age. Stop skating these teenagers. You are a father to four beautiful children. You are dating teenages as your ex lady is dating adults there's a big difference between you and her Scott

  16. Kim, maybe you have a better feature on continuing your dream to be a lawyer 🤗☺️

  17. A A

    I just want the drama. This season is boring af.

  18. N S

    Look at these privileged beezos. Who cares!

  19. Frank

    The truth is Kanye has never been the same after that Jay Z incident.

  20. Leia Jiang

    A possessive little man baby who is completely hypocritical. No thank you, kourtney kardashian, cut him off.

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