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kirthi shetty special status video editing alight motion | Alight Motion Video Editing | ST CREATION

kirthi shetty special status video editing alight motion | Alight Motion Video Editing | ST CREATION

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#STCreation #stcreation

मित्रांनो मटेरियल आणि ( bit mark and shake effect ) याला दोन्हीला एकच पासवर्ड? दिलेला आहे तो या व्हिडिओमध्ये तुम्हाला कुठेही दिसेल तर हा व्हिडीओ पूर्ण पहा????

All material Download Link ?



Kinemaster app download ??

Alight Motion app download ??

Beat Sync App link ??


( मटेरियल हे 100 लाईक्स झाल्यावर अपलोड केले जाते तर व्हिडिओला लाईक करा )

Instagram Link ?


●900+ marathi font Link ?

●Logo कसा बनवायचा ?

●How to edit insta, youtube, telegram animation logo editing ?

●New Fonts Download Link ?

●Text Effect Video Editing ?

●How to remove background ?

●Birthday video editing material ?


Hey Gusy Today Video Editing in KineMaster New Best Effects Use in Status And Without Typing Lerics Song stylis Text, So i Hope U Gusy Like in This Video Shar In This Video Comment In This Video And Don’t Forget To Subscribe My YouTube Channel ST Creation|| #=====#=======#=====#=====#===
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