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Kyle Kephart's Oregon Coastline Waves | Composition Tips for Beginners | Landscape Photography

After a week on the Oregon Coast, Brendon couldn’t resist featuring an image from Kyle Kephart of waves crashing into the rocky coastline of the state of Oregon.

In this video we go over some of the best ways to tackle an abstract scene that lacks obvious foreground feature elements and compositional mainstays like leading lines. With Kyle’s image you will see how to best balance out what is effectively chaos and turn a good image into a great one.

Check out more of Kyle Kephart’s work at his website:

Moment of envy is an opportunity for beginners to learn quick tips about composition and see prime examples of solid composition and hear the breakdown on why their composition is so strong.

If you want to have a chance to make us envious of your image, go to Facebook and search out Photog Adventures Listeners and you can join our private group where we encourage people to share their photos and adventures behind the photos with hope that everyone will get inspired to get out there and have a Photog Adventure of their own! ūüėÄ

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