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Lady Gaga Dognapping: NEW DETAILS on Why Someone Would Steal Her Pets

ET is breaking down the latest from the Wednesday attack when the singer’s pets were stolen and her dog walker was shot.

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This Post Has 49 Comments

  1. johnny test

    I swear if someone touch my dog satan will be sending my application to go to heaven

  2. bleu eggos

    I got an exclusive interview with the dog walker

  3. Gregory Martin

    A well-bred French Bulldog goes from $2,000 to 3,500 from a show breeder. If someone is asking more than $4,000 for a French Bulldog then they are a scam artist or a crook. Sixteen years ago we got our show-quality French Bulldog for only $1,700. But whoever shot and beat up Ryan the dog walker deserves the same punishment. And definite jail time just for stealing the dogs which is grand theft and a felony.

  4. Deborah Craker

    I'm really glad you've gotten all 3 of your cute babies. And a speedy recovery for your dog Walker. Sending lots of prayers 🙏

  5. Lilith st. Jayne

    the dogs have been returned. a woman found them tied to a fucking Pole outside in a neighborhood several miles away.

  6. Luke

    Solution get American pit bull for protection

  7. J M


  8. Bre

    I think they stole her dog so they can return it and get the reward money. That lady who found the dog was probably working with the dog napper and they split the money

  9. little miss

    Ain't no surprise its a celebrity dog, during covid 19 people are desperate for money


    Lady Gaga is irrelevant to this situation it's about the dog breed not Lady Gaga nor her political agenda

  11. Am rose

    If they find the guys that did it that attempted murder for the dog walker. Just a white nissan car. Unbelivable that people kill someone for dogs.

  12. Joseph Franco

    Cali's gun control tyrannic laws at work. Citizens 2nd Amendment wrongfully denied, but criminals can still able to be armed, Nice. Im just glad to hear the victim is ok.

  13. kassi warcraft

    I bet Lady Gaga doesn't even pay his medical bills… her dear friend my ass.

  14. Meya

    I hope Ryan recovers fully and Lady Gaga compensates him for his ordeal and bravery in trying to save the dog that was not taken. Praying the other 2 dogs are safe and returned.

  15. Yvonne Oliver

    Every comment so far that I read have said I hope Gaga gets the people who tried to steal her dogs. Well she got the dogs back, but as for me IM praying for Ryan. I hope they find out who shot him and left him for dead. That is sick. Just for some dogs a person would kill another?? The dogs are safe, so right now I'm praying just for Ryan.

  16. qqiias_

    someone dog napped my grandmas dog, it’s disgusting people do this, the fact that some shoot for the dog is awful. i wish better for society

  17. TEAM L3ZAR


  18. Kt

    If someone tried to steal my frenchie, I tell u what, they would need to shoot me 4times….absolute pigs to steal someone's pets, rot in hell!

  19. theuncanspan

    "They would do anything for money" Michael Jackson said it.

  20. Falo

    Huge reward for the dogs, but nothing for the friend who got shot.

  21. Tree Booker

    Because they are very expensive to own. And wanted by many to own. I love French bulldogs. But would never buy one. They are known to have physical problems as they age.

  22. I think a dog is good inside a fenced mansion. No need to bring them out for strangers to see or take them away. That's why a fence is a must.

  23. Melba Elba

    Some people seem more concerned about the dogs than the HUMAN BEING that was nearly killed. Smh.

  24. Debrina Smith

    Really?? Dog walkers have to watch their back now?? Sick greedy people in this world. Money hungry assholes.

  25. Robby Monaco

    Realize that Ryan, GaGa and all 3 dogs have experienced psychological trauma that may last a long time.

  26. tallie338

    Lord have mercy. What is this world coming too? People are getting killed for a dog. Help Lord . Come Lord Jesus Christ.

  27. David Richards

    Retired LA County Sheriff Captain Ralph Webb extorted me out of my job and money

  28. David Richards

    It was probably retired LA County Sheriff Captain Ralph Webb and Jamal White, aka Douglas Smith. Webb is Attorney's for the celebrities

  29. Amy Walker

    I have to be a bit suspicious of this woman who comes out of nowhere with these dogs unharmed. Perhaps she was part of the plan all along, because obviously the motive was to sell the dogs and get money that way. Then they heard about the huge reward. How do you know this woman wasn't a relative of the murderers? Such a coincidence she just happens to find these does tied to a lamppost. I wouldn't get her a cent until they finish the investigation to see if there is any relationship between herself and the dognappers.

  30. Hairy Witch

    She got her dogs back. Why isn’t anyone giving a description of the dog thieves and shooter? Weird huh?

  31. realpqleur

    A stool sample from a pet of a Cannibal can do wonders….

  32. This dog walker definitely put him beyond the duty of keeping his dog safe. You definitely can tell how much he loves these dogs. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends right now and him

  33. Jasmine Orchard

    Furbabies. Those are children …and is this thieve or a Kidnapping
    $500k sounds like a ransom!

  34. haya suri

    So lady gaga wanted to defund the police and now they are helping her …. honestly, these people make me sick … I feel bad for the dogs… she needs to bring her ass back to the states and physically search for them ….god knows how scared and depressed they are now. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ also she needs to comfort the 3rd dog probably scared and traumatized ….

  35. Frank Jones

    stop putting gaga on a pedestal.shame on all of you freaks. dont hear ANYTHING about the guy that got shot. shitty story.

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