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Last Words Of Amitabh Bachchan | Bollywood news today | Amitabh bachchan health update 2021 |

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Veteran bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan has recently been making headlines but not for good reasons. Well, the current reports are suggesting that the current health condition of the veteran actor is not going well at all. The actor recently took his blog to make his fans aware about his health condition. Big B recently made a blog entry where he mentioned that he is going through a medical condition. The actor also mentioned that because of the medical condition, he has to go through surgery.

The actor did not mention anything more that what kind of surgery is he having or if the procedures are over or not. But recently another news has come forward regarding his surgery. Well, as per the reports, Big B has went through eye surgery recently. Few months back the actor revealed that he was suffering from some issues with his eyes.

He even visited doctors to get rid of blurry vision back then; and now he has gone through eye surgery. Big B has done his eye surgery at the Vission Eye Centre in Juhu, on Saturday. As per the reports, his wife Jaya Bachchan and daughter Shweta Bachchan was with him during the surgery. The eye surgery took almost two hours to conduct and soon after it, the actor was released from the center too.

Big B went straight to his residence Jalsa from the Visson Eye Centre. As he went through an eye surgery and is having problem in vision, he has apologized to his fans for any typing errors. We, the team of Smoky Evening wishes for the speedy recovery of the veteran actor.


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  4. Salman khan

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  5. Abdul Mueed

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  6. Saba Kanwal

    ya Allah mrne se pehle ye Islam qabool kr le amin.

  7. Kpk Hero

    Sedy mudy pr aao ya lecture dainy ki kia zrortp

  8. Navanita Modi

    Don't try to collect views.waste hai point to point baat karo.

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