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Late Night Hosts REACT to Capitol Riots

On Wednesday night, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers all made special remarks addressing the riots that broke out at the U.S. Capitol building amid the Electoral College vote count. Earlier in the day, President Donald Trump held a rally where he claimed the 2020 Presidential Election had been stolen, and that he was the rightful winner, not Joe Biden — despite no evidence of any kind to substantiate his repeated and baseless claims.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 20 Comments

  1. drewski 15

    I've rarely been as upset as I am tonight
    – Stephen Colbert 2021

  2. drewski 15

    I felt Colbert's anger on his show when he discussed about the capital riot.

  3. Ronald Reagan the scariest words you never wanna hear"hey were the Gov't and were here to help" don't tread on me goddamn let's go

  4. J Y

    Where’s Conan?

  5. B75MMP

    I just want to respectfully say, even though I do believe Trump is guilty and should have been impeached, I also believe all politicians are guilty. Every person in politics, without any exception, incites rage to Ameticans. We all must stop talking about war, we must stop talking about violence. We need to accept people, no matter who they are. The Capitol rioters need to be held accountable, but so does everyone else who loots, steals, destroys, etc. We need to treat everyone as equals, no matter the political party. God bless the United States and all of its citizens. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. BS1

    Dear: Republican Party

      When it came time to protect America you refused when the Alt-Right and the Neo-Nazis came you kept the door open for them.

    When Trump back these hate groups you protected him, a P.R. statement saying you refuse to support racism, then back Trump's hatemongering declarations the very next day.

    Who are you people to accept racism as a political platform? When David Duke supports Trump you did nothing, just give me my Tax Cuts and my Judges Mr. Trump. 

    African Americans are being attacked on the streets by Americans for, cooking, sleeping, shopping by Trump Supporters you could care less.

    When Trump broke the law dealing with Russia you protected him again.

      Meanwhile, the hate groups are getting stronger, Anti-Governments Groups increase, but you Republicans do nothing.

    I say this as an independent voter you have permitted Donald Trump to become an American Dictator to keep your power.

    He Attacked Black Lives Matter for his supremacist racist base, for a Photo Op.
    The Republicans did nothing, Terrorist attacked Michigans Capital you did nothing to stop Trump.
    Trump told the Proud Boys, I'm with you
    The Republicans did nothing.
    The Capital Has Been Attacked and you have settled back and have allowed Donald Trump and his followers to commit treason. 

    I say this to you honestly all of you are cowards to the Ameican People. It might not feel that way with the backing of Right-Wing Media, The Power and Money you have gained.

    We all saw it though, time after time watching you allowing Trump to do anything he wanted.

    A police officer has died and yes every one of you Republicans is to blame for his death, Fox News can't help you spin out of this.

    There is no honor, no integrity, or compassion within your party.

    Why do you ignore white supremacy and their organizations?

    Time won't heal this one, you have shown us who you are and we will never forget.

    Never Forget.

  7. Dan Schneider

    This was Seattle and Portland for 6 months. React to that too

  8. Lynwen10

    I am sorry but I find all these men’s words completely hollow. They have all fed off Trump’s presidency by making him into a joke and by doing that they enabled people to dismiss the reality of how truly evil and dangerous Trump is. Their humour did not diminish Trump, it did not reveal the truth of the man. It allowed his opponents to pretend he was no threat to democracy and to allow Trump and his apologists to cry foul and say these men were being mean and spreading lies. I hated these “comedians’” smugness because they were better than Trump and his supporters because they allowed a complacency to spread amongst good people into believing everything was okay. They have no right to the moral high ground any more than the toadies at Fox News, who continue to spread Trump’s dangerous lies. These men and all the others of their ilk had so much fun and laughed all the way to the bank.

  9. Marcus Hardy

    I don't blame these 5 guys. They were absolute appalled and disgusted as I was. Such a utterly disgrace.

  10. rosco costco

    A 100 man armed militia couldn't have taken the Capitol since it moved from Philadelphia. This whole thing was staged. Capitol police seen waving people past barricades but we have no journalism in this country. Capitol police turned down support from other agencies before the rally. Why did they do that? Who made that decision? I imagine our enemies around the world are kicking themselves after see a bunch of couch potatoes take a target they thought impossible.

  11. Trialbystone17

    What are these political show hosts going to talk about now he’s gone?

  12. Michael jf

    They have been spreading hatred towards Donald Trump For the last 5 years what good would they say tonight. I used to be a fan to most of those talk shows. But every night I can go back every night for the last 5 years click on the channel and they would be talking about Donald Trump

  13. truly indian 1947

    coin a new word for terrorizing the co citizens by citizens of same country ….soon India too will meet same fate

  14. Dean Parish

    Treason hold death sentence look it up will they get that

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