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LG G6 Camera Tips, Tricks, Features and Full Tutorial

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In this video we will do a full review of the LG G6’s Camera. As you know the LG G6 has a unique dual camera setup and it is full of tips, tricks and features, so in this video we will do a deep dive and produce a full tutorial of the LG G6’s camera so you can master it.

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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. aida farazi

    My g6 camera is like vga camera!so fked up that i cant stand it!

  2. Just Random

    This is the best smartphone review channel on YouTube. Very professional. Very detailed but straight to the point. I just subscribed. I've watched lots of Tech Review s like MKBHD, Mr Mobile, etc etc, but SakiTech is on top for me. No frills and always on point 🙏👍👍👍

  3. tocrob

    Note that "manual" mode does not mean you need to know and adjust settings constantly. @20:06 , the video recording is basically set for "auto' mode although it's in "manual" mode.

  4. tocrob

    @18:46 – Video with hifi audio recording is only available in "manual" mode. If hifi is set to on in manual mode and you switch to "auto" video mode, you don't get hifi audio recording in "auto" video mode. The recording bit rate difference between non-hifi and hifi is ~13x !

  5. Robert Hayes

    Great video! Thank you for being incredibly informative!

  6. Chloé M

    Hey!!! I have a question. I'm going to put an example cause I don't know the name of this option lol
    Lets say I have a mole in my right cheek, but when I take picture it appears in my left cheek. I know that there's an option tu turn it off, cause I managed to do it once, but since I restarted my phone I don't know where it is😢 Thanks in advanced

  7. D Grandison

    Thanks, but hmmmm, the title says "Full Tutorial"?

  8. Fran Jones

    I'm a little late here, but thank you very much. The very first hint was helpful. I had no idea my phone had two cameras. The entire video was super. Thanks again!

  9. Harry Wojahn

    I have a question, I just bought this phone and have been testing out the 360 panorama mode. Everytime I try to upload the photo to Facebook it does not work. it shows up as a flat photo not a 360. What am I doing wrong?

  10. JMO8A Veda

    I need help using this selfie mode on the lg G6. It takes grainy photos and Im trying to pull up the manual mode and play with ISO and all that on selfie mode but its not coming up for me. Maybe Im missing it? Where is this suppose to be on my G6???? Please help.

  11. nobeac

    K this must be for a sprint phone. I dont have frame rate settings and my camera button doesnt have a camera pic on it either

  12. zeelov

    You just saved me so much money I was going to buy an expensive camera. I knew my camera was good but you really simplified it for me. Thank you so much💚

  13. cristoballs

    Anyone else having trouble with the rear flash in manual mode? I can only get it to work if I use the Auto ISO function.

  14. Bill Gaydon

    Outstanding! Just picked one up in mint condition for 80 bucks, so far it has been a gem. Thanks for the vid…I learned a ton, watched it several time. Subscribed as well. Thanks so much!

  15. nikki brooks

    I just got an lg g6 and my camera set up is different. It give me all these options. Does anyone know why?

  16. Gaston Placide

    hello i would like know can it work with gimbal zhinyun smooth 4

  17. BenalRida

    How do I take panoramas in landscape mode? It only let's me take them in portrait mode 🙁

  18. Paul Mares

    I am looking right now for a mid range smartphone and after a long research it's come to either this LG G6 or Sony xPeria XA Plus ( both around 360€ )
    I'm tending more towards the G6, but I've tested both out and I really liked the focus and crispness of the picture on the Sony one…
    Can enyone help me with the desicion?
    I mostly want to use it to make good quality pics on the go when I don't have my DSLR with me and mainly I want to make videos with it

  19. Mark Pearsall

    Thank you for sharing. Most of this I already knew, but I didn't realise that it had customisable audio features in manual video mode 🙂

  20. Revilo Michaels

    This is wonderful. Thank you so very much
    God bless you for this

  21. M Atif Iqbal

    all g6 phones have menual mode?/ means does T-mobile have this one?

  22. NIHAR

    Can you blur background in videos with the camera on this phone?

  23. Lukky_ 1

    how long i can recording video in UHD 4K resolution with LG G6?

  24. James Buchko

    Anybody know how I can hide the navigation bar when camera is engaged. I noticed in this video that his G6 that it's not there.. I've tried everything

  25. DGCJ22

    Absolutely incredible & informative video. Thank you!

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