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Lisa Rinna TEASES Daughter Amelia Hamlin's Boyfriend Scott Disick

On Tuesday, Lisa Rinna poked fun at daughter Amelia Hamlin’s boyfriend, Scott Disick. The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star shared a paparazzi pic of the ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star rocking a bucket hat before sharing a snap of herself wearing almost an identical look.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 30 Comments

  1. EL

    The whole family is so fake.


    I don't know what they see…..and this young, inexperienced women think because a man that has experience and shows/makes them feel some things they never have, they think it is forever. There is many factors of a young one inexperienced vs. an older experienced….Babies, so much to learn.

  3. Kanika Garal

    What do they even see in him. Heis not even good looking. And not even good father.

  4. missy lyn

    Scott looks miserable.. he doesn’t care about that girl. He just can’t be alone, he recycles women.

  5. I hope amelia won't leave scott when he get old like 60s. But on her age 19, i think something will gonna happen like what other young girl did. Nobody wants to live with old man when you're still young looking in celeb.😂 if it happens, he will live his life alone and nobody wants to date him.

  6. blakrumba

    Scott Disick is determined to come off as a perv. Gross.

  7. Mariah Luke

    Listen love is love but this shit is close to that Line of damn near predator . Like she is still a teenager literally. This is the second time Scott dating someone that could damn near be his daughter like that’s gross asf .

  8. J Nolette

    Holy christ her body is mind blowing Scot you are the man!

  9. Linzy NHS

    If they're both happy with each other, then what's the problem? Age is just a number.

  10. life is love

    🤔 let ME think .. Oh I know ' The secret is ' I am holding him by his BALLS .. 😁

    With what I saw last season BHHW I found Lisa to be a BIG BULLY for what she did to DR .. I don't like anyone trying trash someone down to prove a point by trying to show their better than them ..

    No human being is PERFECT.. Every one has some fault in them ..

    No human being is the ugly.. Every single one has a beauty to them ..

    No human being is completely a bad person, they have something good in them .. ( Even the ex president of this wonderful country .. Even if he was a BAH)

    I find this girl to be doing a big mistake, just like sofia.. Then again it's her life to live.. Wish her nothing but the best.. !

  11. Cindy S

    If course Lisa does not know the secret, Harry seams to live primarily in Canada, hmmm maybe that's the secret. Crazy.

  12. kyootchef brian

    Lisa so thirsty for clout and storyline for housewives she wouldnt give A SINGLE FUCK. YOU DO YOU LISA

  13. Palago

    Maybe Scooter needs to stop dating children…sick!

  14. ADRX Deedrich

    If my 19 year old daughter dates a 38 year old father , no way I'm proud of it

  15. Cate

    Rinna will be trying to show how close she is with him – trying to make Mumma Jenner jealous, and she will…

  16. Tv Fan

    She is too young for him it’s wrong

  17. Heydi Navarro

    It's kinda nasty 🤔The younger the better, part of Hollywood I guess.

  18. Donny A

    There is no such this as bad press. Bottom line is Scott is an absolute creeper ! The Kardashians are creepers also

  19. Melinda Mitchell

    Lisa Rinna is all about publicity and therefore her daughter dating Scott will get a lot of press. She loves that.

  20. Pegasus Storm

    Lisa Rinna's face looks HORRIBLE ! Sheesh,, Cheek fillers are gross ! 🤮 And Lisa should have said the TRUTH about her daughter dating a nearly 40 yr old, she is way too young. They won't last.

  21. C C

    I think Lisa's deep down hoping her daughter will wake up from all of this and get past this phase 😆.

    I mean she was asked if she approves in front of her daughter so she said "yes yes" probably to avoid conflict. 😉 honestly just like lynel ricci she's probably just going along with it to be a supportive mom since technically her daughter is an adult and doesn't want to deal with a fallout. 🤔

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