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M1 Macbooks After Three Months For Video Editing

M1 Macbooks After Three Months For Video Editing

Luts, Presets and Production contracts:
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Favorite plugins:
Where we get our youtube music:
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Best High-Quality stock footage:

Our Gear to make Videos:
Zeapon Slider:
Main Camera:
B – Camera:
Favorite lens for the C300III:
Favorite macro lens:
Favorite top handle:
Monitor mount:
Shotgun Mic for interviews:
Shotgun Mic for the R5:
Favorite monitor:
Best field recorder:
Awesome wireless mics:
Key light:
Easy to open softbox:
Pocket light:
Portable light:
Best memory cards:

Time stamps:

Intro: 00:00
Missing Plugins: 02:21
Underpowered Ports: 04:51
Export Issues: 08:10
Keyboard & Screen: 09:10
The Performance: 09:54
The Verdict: 12:24

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This Post Has 47 Comments

  1. jacques gall

    Good Points. The plugins and some software is what keeping me from upgrading to m1. Hopefully native versions will come to those soon

  2. TechJesus

    I'm curious is anyone could tell me whether or not the Periferal issues are with thunderbolt or with the draw of the devices. The laptops thunderbolt connectivity is limited, however a thunderbolt hub could solve this

  3. Jerrid Foiles

    Look, I'm not saying your video wasn't helpful, but it sounds like a lot of your issues aren't entirely Apple's fault. Plug-ins? Tell the developers to work on an M1 update. Daisy-chaining external drives? WTF?! Why?! You can't expect a laptop to power 5 different devices… As for your compression/pixel issues, how much RAM do your laptops have? 8gb isn't enough for that kind of stuff. Know the limitations…

  4. hannan Khashir

    What about the full optimization of premiere . Is it worth for premiere , after effects ?

  5. Eddie On YouTube

    I stopped listening to him when he stated he had a 8gb of ram laptop. Specially when claiming to be a professional. MacBook Pro M1 1 TB SSD and 16gb of Ram. No issues at all. Professional photographer/retoucher who pushes photoshop to the Max, with heavy photo editing.

  6. Gio La Gala

    I totally agree with this review. I returned my MBP m1 16 GB of ram because of the same reasons explained here and have decided to wait for the next generation of M1X or M2. I had issues with monitors , peripherals , audio cards , music and video plugins and in most cases my 16'' intel Macbook Pro (64GIGS RAM) did a much better job and never let me down. It is true , these machines are super fast but they are so new that I fear that the software and even hardware is not optimized yet. So if I can suggest anyone to buy an M1 , I would suggest a 16 GB RAM mac Mini , I would not spend on a machine which is not ready yet… The same applies to new iPad Pro , I fear that if they do not come out with a revolutionary iPad OS 15 , that power is wasted and not optimized yet…. However , I found this review very precise and very honest… I wish I could have seen it before…. I watched some reviews made my MaxTech on the M1 that led me to buy one and I regretted it because they were not really true. In this review , I found most of the true issues I found with these processors. I will continue following . Thanks

  7. Raymond Parker

    Wow! Didn't know Mocha didn't work with M1. That's a dealbreaker. I've been holding out for silicon iMac. I wonder if this will be resolved?

  8. Alen Makota

    You are traveling a lot so you didnt want to take your iMac….????!!! Did I hear that correctly or is is a mistake in audio??? If not than please dont tel me that you were taking your iMac when you are traveling….pleaseee 🙁 otherwise thx for the video 😉

  9. Definitely a deal breaker that MVfX plug-ins aren’t working as efficiently as they should

  10. Lucy Floodman

    thanks for the video, love your work!! Do you know any good plugins for premiere pro? would help me a lot! Lot of love.

  11. Mister B

    Thanks for your honest feedback and review. I edit my vids on the 16” MCBP my wife on an old 13”. And I wanted to get her the current air. Which I will. We don’t do edit raw or 8K files, regular canon 4k is the maximum and for that it’s still enough.
    I think also that the air is the entry level of MacBooks and for that it does offer quite a lot. For heavy lifting let’s wait for the new 16” and I am pretty sure also the plug in issue there is going to be solved.

  12. I’m lookin at the M1s for editing and photoshop, I keep seeing how much the Air holds up against the Pro? Should I just go with a 16g Air?

  13. Jake Pf

    Sheesh. Been thinking of getting a macbook m1 for this sort of stuff but I can't really decide over an Asus zephyrus. The trackpad is one reason I want the macbook over the asus laptop. The size too. But the Asus can provide more gpu power if I ever need it, sooo, I'm indecisive

  14. Poeta Legalis

    Get a switch and network your raid storage. You are professional, centralize your networking…

  15. John Armwood

    You seem to be forgetting that you are trying to use advanced tools on entry level machines. This is silly. Wait to the higher end machines come out which are made for your type of usage.

  16. Video Hummus

    Seems weird. I copy from my Prograde Dual Slot Reader to a Samsung T7 all the time. I edit off the same T7 with no problems. You really have to be careful with the quality and ratings of your cables. It has become a real mess with USB-C/Thunderbolt 3/Thunderbolt 4. I would recommend CalDigit cables.

    The plugins were a problem for me but Color Finale is now supported and more to come. I can edit R5 footage from a $1500 MBP so I'm happy with the compromises for now.

  17. NSABA

    I have an OWC raid and Samsun T5 – 5 drives, no problem.

  18. martinhain

    The Plugin Issue is a deal breaker for me too. Thanks for pointing that out!

  19. mejlgaardbliddal

    I think you made the right choice buying the cheapest model using it as a test bench until everything you need is native for the m series of computers. Me on the other hand who do not use plugins because I do not work with it professionally it totally live up to my needs with its 16GB of memory. I do believe they released those models as the first models to enable third part developers the time to develop their product for the m series when they release the models for people with your needs.

  20. Daryle Hamel

    You HAVE to use 16GB RAM- you’re not maxing out your RAM because everything is being written to a scratch file on your internal SSD.

  21. Erick Bii

    Hey My name is Erick .I am new I would like you to review on your music shooting equipments and there price. Thanks

  22. Florian Haimerl

    ok dieses habe ich doch noch nicht gesehen 🙂 mega !! danke für die Info

  23. Export Issues – I sometimes had the same compression/pixelation issues in Final Cut with my M1 (and sometimes with other machines as well, though not as much).
    The best solution for me was to export from Final Cut in prores 422 then use Compressor to make the H264 file.
    This seems to have completely solved the issue for me and I also feel that the quality is slightly better this way. But who knows!

  24. Scott Morris

    Are some of the problems though with the Canon codecs being very CPU/GPU intensive?

  25. The Pink Screen happens all the time. TEMPORARY FIX: Create a New User Account. A few days later, the Pink Screen comes back. Very Annoying though.

  26. Rand Baldwin

    Curious what you think about Davinci Resolve. It can do a lot of the things you are using plugins for (such as tracking), and runs native on M1.

  27. NIkCan

    Very important points raised with regard to the shortcomings of the current March 2021 M1 Apple mac book

  28. David Glatz

    Solid all around. Been tempted several times by M1. This confirms decision to hold off for next gen. Thanks Damien.

  29. DroneINnature

    Great video, we all know that m1 mac works pretty good in final cut. But for Davinci resolve and premiere pro users I dont think this are for them. Maybe the next gen?

  30. Anthony Himself

    The only problem with the 13in m1 vs the m1 air w/ a mod out performs the 13in. This can void your warranty but the air with some added thermal pads will make the case like a heat sink making the air not lap friendly. It had draw backs if you do that but if performance in apple ecosystem especially on a budget can’t go wrong with the air.

  31. The lagging can be explained by the internal ssd getting fuller with render files and other cached stuff. Just delete the cache and unused render files in your library. You can also use CleanmyMacX to clean and reset you dns and ssd.

    The plugins and usb c port situations can and will be solved with a software updates so I wouldn't worry about those.

    Thanks for getting the machines early and letting us know the little quirks that come with it. But I'm sure those will be solved in a matter of months.


    I have the same issues for plugins 😫😫
    But other than that, my mac mini m1 16gb works fineee. I love it

  33. The M1 Macbooks seem great performance-wise but I'm going on 10+ years using Windows as my workstation OS and I'm not entirely sure if the transition would be comfortable/worth the cost of entry.

  34. Rocky Cola

    The M1 compatibility with some Motion VFX, Pixel Film, and Neat video plugins is unfortunate. I can't use many of those either on my 16Gb M1 MacBook Pro. I use it with the Caldigit TS3 Plus, and connect numerous external drives simultaneously, plus my CF Express Type B Pro Grade Reader, to pull footage from my R5. Never had any issues with un mounting or not discovering drives. If I did, that would be super frustrating for sure. I must be lucky, as I never get crashes or spinning wheel lockouts. I use both Resolve and Final Cut on it, with H.265 R5 Clog files in 4k primarily.

  35. Rob Kramer

    So, for a second computer, which can also be used a bit (no 8K or RAW video) on the road, Air or Pro?

  36. Aaron

    Have you tried transcoding Canon 8k raw on the M1 with Canons Cinema Raw Development App? I’m looking at picking up a Mac Mini just to do this so I can transcode 8k raw files to ProRes then finish editing on my PC. Wondering if there is a huge/noticeable advantage?

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