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Mac Vs PC for Video Editing | Which is Better?

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Mac Vs PC for Video Editing | Which is Better?
Video Editing on a PC vs Mac Computer is something people debate about. Video Editing mostly comes down to specs.

When you’re doing video editing on a computer it’s not about user experience or OS preference. Time is money and rendering time and editing time is driven by hardware considerations that Apple Mac computers are not very flexible on. Mac’s can do video editing both on the desktop and laptops.

However, video editing with high-end GPU’s and multiple drives including SSDs are an important consideration. The new Mac computers including the iMac, MacBook Pro, and Mac Pro don’t allow for multiple drives unless you attach external drives via USB or Thunderbolt.

The Mac Pro towers used to allow for this but they were discontinued. Video Editing on a PC, by contrast, means you can use robust full-size GPU’s and also multiple SSDs or HDD’s. They are also upgradeable for up to 64GB of ram which current Mac computers are not.




MacBook Pro 15
MacBook Pro 13
Acer Predator Helios 13
Asus ROG Zephyrus 15
Lenovo Thinkpad Extreme X1


Cameras For Photography and Video 📸
(Amazon) Sony A7R III
(Amazon) Sony A6500
(Amazon) Panasonic GH5

Camera Lenses 📷
(Amazon) Sony 24-70mm F/2.8
(Amazon) Sony 50mm F/2.8 Macro Lens
(Amazon) Sigma 70mm F/2.8 Macro Lens
(Amazon) Panasonic 12-35mm F/2.8
(Amazon) Panasonic 35-70mm F/2.8

Microphones for Video and Podcasting 🎤
(Amazon) Rode Video Mic Pro Plus
(Amazon) Rode NTG
(Amazon) Sennheiser AVX Wireless Mics
(Amazon) Blue Yeti Blackout Edition

Lighting Gear 💡
(Amazon) Aputure C120 D
(Amazon) Aputure LS 1/2
(Amazon) Philips Hue Light Strips

Mavic Air
Mavic Pro

Disclaimers: all opinions are my own, sponsors are acknowledge. Affiliates are: Amazon, BHPhotoVideo, MyFonts, 1and1, Bluehost and Lumoid.

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. Jason Ulysses

    Never owned a Mac for the exact same reasons here .. Time and upgrade friendly !!

  2. Is it possible to custom build a beastly laptop like you can gaming machines?

  3. stringsnare

    Very helpful! Question if you don't mind. I want to record guitar covers and I want to have two shots: one of me and the guitar , and one of the guitar up-close, maybe even looking at the hands specifically. I am thinking about getting a desktop PC. And customizing it. What should I look for as a minimum in the graphics card and what video editing software would you recommend that does not have a crazy learning curve but can still do a lot of things? thanks!

  4. Apple is like buying a lego castle already built and super glued together. But next year there is another castle that’s even worse. Oh wait it’s a half oz lighter and they took out the drawbridge…
    Who needs that!

  5. Alan Spicer

    Hi Roberto – Any extra notes on this for 2018/2019 Mac vs PC. I want to upgrade my editing laptop in 2019 and just doing my research.

  6. John Bancroft

    I have a heavily modded 2009 12 Core Mac Pro, 64GB ram, 1TB M.2 SSD boot, 40TB internal raid, and 2 AMD 16GB Vega FE Liquid Cooled GPU's, I edit and colour grade 12 bit and 10 bit 4K on a 4K timeline, using both FCPX and Davinci Resolve, the Mac cuts through them like butter, not bad for a machine that will be 10 years old in 2 months.

  7. Visual Studios

    Are you for real?? Render times on FCPX destroy any windows machine with premiere. My laptop is faster rendering than my windows workstation. I edit on a Mac precisely because of performance, I've yet to see any computer run premiere flawlessly, with no drop frames even on Multicam 4k with effects. My laptop does it easily on FCPX. You could have gone into so many arguments (integration with adobe suite, familiarity, industry standard, collaborative workflows) to support Premiere, and yet you focus on performance, which is a major weakness.

  8. Paul Williams

    no real content creator uses a pc over a mac . Final cut is also loads better then Adobe premiere

  9. Stefan Genov

    2015 It’s an i5 with 2.8 GHz
    8GB Ram
    256GB SSD
    Intel Iris Graphics 6100 with 1.5GB video memory
    Cycle count is 481
    Help please
    Is good for video editing
    Final cut Pro

  10. s Aravind

    Could you please send me the minimum iMac system requirement for video editing

  11. certainly joel

    I only wanna roll with Apple because as a student I can get final cut pro, motion, compressor, logic and another software for £180. I don't really want to pay for Premiere Pro monthly as well.

  12. Probonoman

    Good points BUT a mac would be cheaper tho. unless u make 4k videos daily, a mac would be better and cheaper in the long run.

  13. Tyler Kearns

    It’s 2018 and this still helped me immensely. Thank you!

  14. marshall branin

    Go to the Apple store and find a friend with windows. Try both of the computers and download some 8k red footage and try to edit it

  15. marshall branin

    Both ecosystems have a huge fan base and are great. I’m a Mac user, but saving for a PC. I’ve used my friends $1500 and it performs better than a $5000 Mac

  16. FRYEGS6

    Amen. Roberto, I am so glad to hear that the truth comes out, when you start to dig around in a person's wallet. I feel like the Dollar for Dollar comparison should be the deciding factor in this debate. But once you start getting deeper into this heated debate, in all honesty, some editing applications are written in a way that may favor windows, some for apple, so that has to be taken into account. This is good to know that someone has come forward and said, they felt betrayed by APPLE. To be honest, Apple lost me at the price tag. Keep it real and above all, Stay true. I have to follow you on that one. At least now after watching a few of these you tube videos, I can get a feel as to what applications to use for MAC machines and which ones to use for Windows. I hope the learning curves are not such a huge obstacle. Prices can really make you rethink the whole process.

  17. Erroruser

    one work "hackintosh" just like the old way where you can change the processors ram an gpu's an you can have windows on the same system for a dual boot

  18. GhostBoy!

    hackintosh best of both worlds , custom built, upgradable, and also dual boot

  19. Strafe

    mac: great software that doesn't matter when you use the Adobe Suite.
    windows: great hardware that matters when you use the Adobe Suite.

  20. Zony Yu

    I think also a adobe software/graphics hardware issue. If you build two PCs, one with a GTX 1080, and another one with a RX Vega 64 (which is more or less similarity spec’d compared to the 1080), the one with the NVIDIA card will render almost 2x faster because premiere is optimized for CUDA, and is less optimized for OpenCL. Because macs only use AMD cards, there will be a significant performance penalty when using premiere on Mac

  21. noname formless

    your the best roberto. good to see you doing what you do on these very informative videos

  22. collage

    MacPro does look like a trash can.

  23. rama

    What about Final Cut Pro

  24. Elias Callejo

    I like your points regarding Apple. I feel the same way lol

  25. Feli Gonzalez

    I feel like my intuition tells me to buy a Mac, but my logic/reasoning tells me to buy a PC. Or it's because I'm seeing that Mac in the background?

  26. DCCLo

    Nice video! Would the ideal specs be the same when you need to do photo, video and creating art in DAZ studio with POSER? If not, what would I need ideally in terms of the sweet spot specs?

  27. I'm shocked and stunned.. an Apple user Who see's their flaws…I didn't think they existed in the sheep pen…

  28. Body-Culinary

    thank you!!! as a small business, the distinctions in what I will be using the computer for i.e. video editing and workflow make a difference. I love the customer service when I go into Apple and they provide me with answers for the products they sell. I have only but so much time, so this is convenient.  However, to have someone who is advocating for the user in terms of letting me know other available options in invaluable.  Much appreciation! :)K

  29. jacobhn2

    My plan is to se rendertime on ramdisk vs ssd. Fi you have 32Gb mem, 10 for ramdisk and 22 for normal memory.

  30. McRom37

    Roberto Blake::its time to just dump apple, seems like there not doing noing for you, nothing but the experiacne, and thats noy money right

  31. McRom37

    apple sucks bottom line people just buying the Name

  32. MyLifeFrAiur

    when i use mac i feel like a 80 year old grandpa who has never touched electronic device, can't find a file, can't put stuff in the right place, can't do any basic tasks, apple os is so confusing, why people say it's friendly

  33. AM2PM

    I guess if you want FCP then go Mac but overall it sounds like PC is the way to go.

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