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Mavic Mini Tips & Tricks for New Pilots

Here is a collection of tips and tricks for the DJI Mavic Mini. These tips will help new pilots of the Mavic Mini get the most out of their new drone. We offer some tips for helping you capture cinematic video, gimbal settings, some tips for using the DJI Fly App and some general tips of the aircraft hardware and flying it for the first time. Flying your first drone can be a little nerve-racking, I hope that my tips will help you along on your journey of learning to fly.

Mavic Mini (DJI Website)
Mavic Mini (Amazon)

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This Post Has 49 Comments

  1. yaknbo

    This is a great toot. Thank you very much. I am about to shoot in my church. The last time I did the machine wouldn't allow me higher than about 15 feet! I dont know why. Can you help? Thanks.

  2. Nahome Aredo

    Is it possible if let's say you forgot your remote control at home can you fly the drone with your phone???

  3. Maybe one day you can do a vid on what mobil devices will work and the ones that won't work. After hours of watching videos for set up and operation nobody said, oh" but if you don't have the right device mavicmini will not work. My LG smart phone was not compatible so I took that drone back to the store.

  4. Bob Breit

    Quick and to the point. Good stuff!
    Learning so much. It's really fun to fly!

  5. yousif karim

    never knew i could fly without a phone. good tips broski

  6. M. Pier

    thumbs down for keep sitting in the same spot of the room and keep catching the skylight above you reflecting off the phone. please watch your videos first before uploading. thank you for moving along quickly

  7. finhunter

    There was another youtube channel where they said if you briefly hit the home button when homing it pauses the homing and the drone stops.

  8. Shawn McCourt

    Is there a setting that the video will automatically download to my phone just like the still photos do ?

  9. Wayne Duz

    Thank you great video. I might add where on video you start the first flight so we can go direct to that portion of video 6:50

  10. Joe Lazer

    Your video tips are great and very well explained. The only con is when you explain something on the phone screen, you tilt the phone up causing a reflection from the ceiling light and can't really see the screen.

  11. C S

    Good videos. Thank you. Suggestion: can you square up and align the controller screen with the camera you’re using to record? We want to see the screens you’re describing but they’re hard to read because they’re tilted and twisted. Thanks.

  12. Hairns

    This has helped lots just got it for Christmas 🙂

  13. I've had my mavic mini for 3 months and have gotten pretty comfortable. This video confirmed some things but I learned a few new tips as well. Thanks!

  14. Jazzman

    Great video – I'm new to the drone world and I appreciate you taking the time to post this video as it certainly helped me – thanks again.

  15. mike smith

    Question for you, do you have too set your phone to airplane mode incase of an incoming call while flying? Thanks

  16. EF2000CanFly

    Another gimmick pusher for DJI! A dime a dozen! The CCP must really
    appreciate you. Why would I by DJI junk heading into the Winter, rain,
    dark lighting, and unemployment all over? Why would i spend my money on
    this? Anyone can get drone photos. They are cheap as cel phone photos!
    Worthless thanks to the greed and exploitation by DJI…. they have made
    aerial photos cheap. Cheaper than the mini.

  17. Gary Lee

    slow down for us beginners please, so when you say push right lever forward to go forward does that mean whatever way the front of the drone is facing is forward? for example if I push forward the drone goes away from me but if I want to come back to me I need to make a u-turn and push lever forward to bring it back to me?

  18. Doug Force

    Just got the Mini this week and it’s amazing! Your video taught me several things that were handy already! Thanks for posting this!

  19. bigfist0

    Awesome to the point informative. No BS or try to be funny like some!👍

  20. Gordon McClelland

    I made my first flight today. I took some pictures during the flight. How do I access the pictures. Do I need to access the sim card? Thanks.

  21. Nino Mendoza

    Does mavic mini record audio? Please advice I noticed that I don’t have audio on my recorded videos

  22. carlo castillo

    No need to calibrate the compass on the mavic mini? You dont have to rotate it several time to calibrate?

  23. superten12

    Great video, very informative for a newbie like me thanks for sharing.

  24. Boss

    Nice presentation mate, well done 👏

  25. eddie b. drones

    Just bought a mavic mini a week ago great video and very helpful. Thanks for the video.

  26. Trinity Force

    thanks very much! seems like i was flying this thing without any background info at all . tips will definitely come in handy

  27. Any advice about cycling on my own and riding, say, 500m across the frame at 45m high hover. Can I carry the controller with me but does it need to point at the drone. Otherwise I’d leave the controller on the floor pointing at the drone and then go back and pick the controller up. Thanks

  28. Mo Ka

    I just purchased the Mavic Mini and your videos have been the best tutorial I have seen. Thank you so much for all the knowledge transfer and tips! Can’t wait until the smoke clears in Vancouver to get some nice pics. Time to practice!

  29. elbatobeach

    When starting for the first time user ,will the home button work without the phone connected for safety in manual mode? Enjoy watching your videos Ted

  30. Jesswah

    Wow! So many helpful tips, thanks heaps!

  31. john stevenson

    This is the second of your videos that I've watched, and both have been very helpful. I just bought the Mavic Mini used from a friend of mine, but first he let me play with it. Before I even walked out the house, I found your "beginners" video and watched that, and was able to launch and fly the drone without incident. Now that I've purchased the drone, I just watched this video, which is the perfect sequel to the "beginners" vid. Thanks for taking the time to make informative and enjoyable videos.

  32. 6 String Fan

    Would like to know more about 'custom' mode for the joysticks. Your video showed 'right stick' below the custom mode which I do not have on my DJI Fly app. I cannot find ANY description or instructions on how to change the 'custom' mode. It's NOT in the PDF owners manual either.
    Any help there….anybody….?

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