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Meghan Markle Accuses Royal Family of Spreading Lies in New Oprah Interview

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On Wednesday, a new preview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey dropped and the Duchess of Sussex accuses the royal family of ‘perpetuating falsehoods’ about them. The ‘Oprah With Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special’ airs on Sunday, March 7, and according to royal expert Katie Nicholl, the timing couldn’t be worse as Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, remains in the hospital.

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This Post Has 25 Comments

  1. Oscar Chang

    Still can't believe the number of people brainwashed by her act… but hopefully that number goes down

  2. Bij Man

    Shame on you Oprah for adding fuel to fire

  3. Jon Durrant

    I think she's a third wave of a very toxic virus

  4. Tooolip

    A lying fantasist. Harry clearly says one conversation about skin colour of children in the early days of their dating. Meghan says several conversations when she was pregnant. Disgusting lies. Princess Anne called it right- she never mentioned skin color but Meghan's character as being totally unsuitable for Royal family service and duties.

  5. dong

    Meegain is a manipulative liar who had a plan from day one that is going perfectly for her, all she needs to do now is get rid of harry, blame the press and british public who see her for what she is and mostly loathe her and she wil;l have acheived all her goals.

  6. Di Ane

    That disgusting pair told 17 vindictive, mean cruel lies and grossly exaggerated statements in their Oprah interview, which puts into doubt the suicide claim too.
    If virtually everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie, then why would anyone believe you?
    They should be stripped of all and any Royal titles, as these are only given to those who support the Queen and the British establishment, which they clearly do not!

  7. Anon Omous

    Even if she turns out to be crazy and he wants to leave her he can't now cos she can bring down the monarchy. I suppose she could always go for a drive in Paris

  8. Anon Omous

    There is no "my truth" or "your truth" there is simply THE TRUTH and she's a liar

  9. Elana Vital

    How's she going to say she's a victim though? Nobody forced her to hunt down/ marry a YOUNGER prince from another country.

  10. Agatha LEONG

    What was Meghan's mother name, Doris? She should at least come out and say sorry that her daughter had done a big damaged to the Queen. When you attend their wedding. The Queen treated you well. And Charlie's were so loving to be company beside you. Although you were black skin he accepted you as his mother-in-law, and he not ashamed to show to the world. Act immediately, and stop Maghan continuous with lies. Whatever bad or good, family business done behind close door. Don't you agree Doria.

  11. jamais vaincu

    Meghan has an airbrushed face AND EVEN THAT can't disguise what she is!!

  12. Greg Dixon

    The Queen who has reigned for 70 years and has maintained good relations with 13 prime ministers, multiple heads of state of all colours, suddenly has a problem with a minor tv star who is on her second marriage, doesn’t speak to her father and siblings, and has had numerous fall outs with friends including her racist best friend. Tough call deciding who the problem is here?

  13. Pee Nut

    We don’t want to hear ur whining and complaints as if it’s worst than the pandemic! U crying over flower girl dresses proves u won’t be able to handle being the president of America! Please don’t vote for her she will cancel the whole bloody country if u don’t follow her demands!

  14. Gianna Brown

    Her former staff have finally come fore ward to confirm Meghan was abusive.

  15. Robert Williams

    This trollope lied about the wedding with 3 people and the arch bishop that would not be legal.

  16. Timmy Tim

    The one who is spreading lies is megain harkle herself. Lied about her marriage. Lied about not googling harry. Stop this narcissistic pathological liar. Stop fake news and misinformation. Lets start with megain

  17. N. J

    Meghan was no angel before she married Harry and Harry was no angel himself do why throw the dirt its all about them they would not like it if royal family said things about them, would they now, two sides to every story just out to make more money and family issues should be kep private not open to public and get a kick out off it

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