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Meghan Markle Receives Apology From Former Private Investigator Who Worked With a British Tabloid

ET is breaking down the latest news to come as a result of Harry and Meghan’s sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey.

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This Post Has 28 Comments

  1. Pee Nut

    These are the only humanitarians that Loves to BURN BRIDGES and would do anything to destroy the reputation of their families instead. We don’t want to hear ur crying over flower girl dresses while the world is under lockdown! Meghan & Harry is a certified attention seeking Narc during these Pandemic Era! Oprah’s credibility went as low as the Mariana’s trench!

  2. PipersSon

    The real test for Harry is flying into Heathrow airport London, and he's got to stand in line to produce his passport then collect his luggage, If I was the Passport Officer I'd love to say to him "Have you anything to declare?" An hour later I'd go for a cup-of-tea and leave him speaking to himself

  3. Hiral Solanki

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  4. Lucie Detant

    Private investigator who worked with a British tabloid. Is Meghan the only one concerned ? Give us a break with all this manipulation!

  5. Brexit Rules

    Megan Markle has got to be one of the worst women in history, she should have to apologise to everyone else, instead of them bowing at her feet.

  6. Liz B

    What on earth do you expect from a journo. They have no feelings, sensitivity or conscience At ALL! It doesn't matter a jot if someone's livelihood or rrputation is damaged or they get hurt or slandered in any way, As long as they get their story, NOTHING else and NO ONE else matters apart from them.
    So no surprises THERE and for once I'm thinking not so much about MM but ANYONE who has the misfortune to have to run into a paparazzi journo. I'd rather go to the dentist and have them pull out a tooth without anaesthetic than to have to say good morning/ afternoon or evening, to a journo. I can't abide them. They're evil swine( and come to think about it,that's an insult to a swine who is really onlyvan innocent animal who knows no better other than what nature teaches them) Journos DO. That's the difference.

  7. Iam happy to know that someone wants to apologize to a very blessed loving put together by our creator God excellent couple how wonderful Harry’s mother from above leading him in the right things to do with his life thank God he listens to his mother’s SPIRITS🧘🤗🥰👍🏼

  8. Vilma Vlogs!

    Sick n tired reading news withthis couple.there are more important topic than this…

  9. Sindhu Nookala

    So this what you do if a non british non royal enters royal family… Racism is in their roots even if they say no we are not racist, involuntarily their mind acts as a racist cuz that's what they did for centuries and years. It's left to them now are they proud of it or they are going to embrace it.

  10. Peggy Makaneta

    The truth always comes out, this is the beginning more is still to come 🔥🙌🙏

  11. sherryelebeauty

    This happens all the time in America! Now it's somehow a big story because it happened to meghan in england?

  12. cynthia lawson

    two very disgusting people i wish the idiots will go away with all this drama public is tired of them.They told alot of lies must think the average person is really stupid.

  13. The private investigator didn't even find any dirt, and what he ultimately leaked were Meghan's social security number, checks, bank account, etc; that's illegal. How can somebody do that just so they can sell a few tabloid papers?

  14. Aine Marvin

    Those are the Royal experts we hear and read about talking trash

  15. Audrey Popovich

    Dont apolize to that liar grr age ,The Queen yes,Megan & Harry both are garbage,he dont have a job living on tax payers as he used all his fund ,he needs DNA Prince Charles is tired of hiding the secret,William is a man not a Wimp,

  16. Ana A

    Ugh Katie Nichols is a (well paid) professional royal ass-kisser, reaallly don't like her…her coverage is sooo slanted towards Mee-Gain and her sidekick. Bad taste in clothes and home decor too, she needs a stylists!

  17. Vinfo Gaming

    That guy who sold the documents was definitely threaten by a spy

    "Hello Hank's the queen is not happy" click

  18. Gold Nwani

    Megan will never take the useless a ppology after tarnishing her reputation.Hold your appoloy to yourself.

  19. Kadie Rodgers

    God will expose them all for putting Meghan and Harry ❤️❤️

  20. James Duval

    Hmmm the investigator is really regretful yet still sold the story of being paid to do this while crying into both cheques presumably! If Harry and Meghan want privacy they should just go to Canada with their millions and …… Shut up….the press will soon lose the interest. They won't because it isn't what they want…… The sooner this happens and the lack of attention Meghan will get bored and divorce Harry, the better for Harry the royal family and everyone. God save the Queen.

  21. Sam Akinwande

    The Queen protects her Son – Andrew but Prince Charles failed to protect Harry as a Father. Prince Charles failed as well as a husband. He didn't protect Duana

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