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Meghan Markle Tells Oprah Why She's READY to Speak Out in New Tell-All Interview

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On Friday, a new preview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey dropped and the Duchess of Sussex explains why now is the right time for her to speak out and tell her truth. ‘Oprah With Meghan and Harry: A CBS Primetime Special’ airs Sunday, March 7.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 48 Comments

  1. Woody Allen

    Meghan: Oh Orpah. Both u and I have suffered so much in life.
    Orpah: (nodding)
    Meghan: Sometimes when I’m walking in my mansion and I see all my servants, they always smile and seem so carefree and happy. Often I’ve wished that I could be in their shoes and be happy like them.
    Harry: If you’d like Meghan, I can arrange that.
    Meghan: Shut the fukk up!!! I was thinking out loud u bastard!!!!

  2. patty hooper

    Oprah why did you allow this? Why not keep out of Royal business and let God Almighty be the judge. These young people made a huge mistake and no doubt will live to regret this.

  3. Trevor Dante

    I think she thought that she was more powerful than the queen for a second 😅

  4. Tra P

    She probably watched too much Disney

  5. Pee Nut

    These are the only humanitarians that Loves to BURN BRIDGES and would do anything to destroy the reputation of their families instead. We don’t want to hear ur crying over flower girl dresses while the world is under lockdown! Meghan & Harry is a certified attention seeking Narc during these Pandemic Era! Oprah’s credibility went as low as the Mariana’s trench!

  6. freeadvice forU

    My tea group, admire Prince Harry for standing by his Princess. He saw her unhappiness, and made a move to see his Princess smiling not crying.

  7. freeadvice forU

    I think Princess Meghan is a role model for young ladies.
    Why? Because she wants to earn her own money and not rely on " royal support checks."

  8. Steffyduffyy Tan

    Married the royal family, but wanted so much things as a non royal (choices and etc) yet wants privileges (archie as prince etc.). How does that work?

  9. ritunja pratap

    People generally DO talk about how the baby will look when the parents look different. Its as normal as it can be. Also, why do you expect security from Royals when you aren't even staying or serving there? I don't really know what happened for real there… I don't know if her claims are true or false but its all too fishy to be believable.. also Kate has evolved as it can be over the years, being a Royal probably wasn't as princessly as she expected..

  10. cutsie kitz

    There is a catalogue of inconsistencies, from Meghan saying that she had a cosy little wedding in her garden 3 days prior to the main ceremony, to lying about when she last saw her sister Samantha.
    As for the ALLEGED skin tone remark,  Meghan says it was made to Harry, then why doesn't Harry lead the narrative? Why does Harry let the woman of colour air his dirty laundry for him? Can't he speak for himself? No, Harry is much more comfortable to let the woman of colour do the dirty work for him.
    Harry is a coward, and there is no place in the Army for such cowards.
    No wonder he had to leave.
    Or was he kicked out??
    There is no room in the Army for spineless people

  11. Chris Mc.

    Me-again is a total monster. Rest assured she wants her cake and to eat it too. By no means wants to be cut off from the Hollyweird life and always remind the surfs she's royality. Of all the poon tang Harry could've had he falls for this nightmare. Fool

  12. Timber Vista

    She is worse than I expected. Opportunistic and she is not Diana, Meagan was and is still an actress.

  13. wendy sutton

    Should we call megan Arial now as she really felt that she was so close to the cartoon! what drama & poetic weirdness. OH fun fact Ariel the Mermaid SOLD her voice to get her legs!!!
    Didn't they say they were leaving/stepping down for privacy & to be financially independent … they are such self obsessed & narcissistic hypocrites that they can't even remember their own "truths/lies"

  14. wendy sutton

    Like per privateeyenews accurately put it about hypocritical harry & megan malarkey

    –I don’t read the tabloids but they are so unpleasant I had to leave the country

    –The racism in Britain was so bad we’re come to the united states

    –For security reasons it’s better to live in a country where everyone has a gun

    –As a mere A-list actress on a top-rated show I was totally unprepared to entre the media spotlight

    –We wanted our son to b a royal prince although royalty is a gilded cage that makes people trapped & unhappy

    –As an American actress and friend of Hollywood celebrities, I did not have the phone number of a therapist

    –My letter to my father is deeply private, Harry’s unanswered phone call to his father should be shared with the world

    –megan is not to blame for me leaving the royal family, I couldn’t have done it without her

    –I’m broke, apart from the millions my mother left me

    –I love my grandmother so much i’m completely loyal to her i’ll do a worldwide production about how bad my life has been in her family.

  15. wendy sutton

    They H&M are both so self obsessed & narcissistic. The whining, pitty party, one sided view & pettiness is astounding in that "interview/production"

    Harry has called one of his fellow army comrade a "pakky", dressed as a nazi for a party like it is fun!! . got naked for a game of pool etc & has he apologized, he has made mistakes but lets forget all about as it doesn't fit their narrative, but wait for it he is now the guru of all guru's to tell everyone how they should act, what to say, where to spend their money, what we need to do, be a raindrop …… all while living in a mansion, never having to pay for anything in your life till now & is bitter about it how pathetic

    so depressed yet managed to negotiate a Netflix deal and sign copyright agreements

  16. Pamela evm

    I was adopted by my Filipino stepdad when I was three and had a baby sister. She looked 100% Filipino and married a white blonde blue-eyed man. There were no concerns" about what color her children would be but we did wonder if they would look more Filipino or more blue-eyed blond and white. Which by the way you can't even tell their brothers one is 100% Filipino and the other is white with blonde hair and blue eyes. And they're 100% full-blooded Brothers there was no concern but there was loving speculation. Megan sees everything as racist a negative.

  17. Pamela evm

    Why the tell-all? Well when your family cuts you off of millions and millions of dollars you got to let the world know right? What confuses me is they said they couldn't do the interview before and then gives the reasons why. then how come we knew about this a year ago at the time she supposedly couldn't give an interview? So we've been waiting for for a year to see when the interview would take place..

  18. Rose Petal

    Imagine the mental health issues the Queen may have had when the whole world knew her father died before she did and she was suddenly thrown into the role as Queen at a young age.. it’s not easy for any of them

  19. Julie Newsome

    Someone needs to tell this markle woman that she will never win against the institution opened a big can of worms

  20. H. Oz

    I'm sorry but what exactly did she expect when she married into the royal family? She couldn't have been this naive, seriously almost everbody knows that members of the royal family have to follow certain rules and royal protocol. Even if she didn't knew this before meeting Harry, she must have known before marrying him, no one could be this stupid. If you want freedom and independency, don't marry into the british royal family 🤷‍♀️

  21. ceerw buty

    For people who are always asking for privacy they sure talk to the media a lot.

  22. She Moon

    Mentioning the term Katie waity was so unnecessary and petty.. she does not come across as an honest person

  23. Linda

    You’re awesome Meghan, ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Jesseca

    She comes off so fake. I love how she is still talking about herself. Move on Meghan.

  25. bouytt guyt

    She wanted the royal wedding in front of thousands though x

  26. Ana Alvez

    Oprah Winfrey is the biggest opportunist of all times! Her interview exposed Markle as a bitter opportunist who failed to understand the queen as an institution with duties, and because she expected everyone to drop everything and pay attention to her, and she said it, because her son would not be given a title, this is what really bothered her! And Harry, you are very much confusing your beautiful late mother’s situation with that of the woman you unfortunately married too much too soon. I hope this isn’t for you a way to redeem Diana. You can’t change the past Harry! As for Oprah you have your own agenda for everything you do! You are not the kind and respectable person people think you are!! What a shame!!

  27. bcvbb hyui

    This is all diversion entertainment to take people's minds of the Depopulation that is occurring.

  28. Dottie Farmer

    Oprah and Megan are both using each other, and poor whitey Harry had stupidly allowed himself to be a pawn in their game.

  29. i heard she wants to be a democratic candidate for a usa president.
    thats good. i dont care.

  30. soiung toiue

    She has planned this from the beginning. If you leave the royal family because you want privacy you do not do an interview with Oprah.

  31. mikea hiooi

    Meghan in this difficult time, as they adapt to new staff AND a new mansion.

  32. Jerry W. Ellis II

    when you join the Royal Family, you change to THEIR character. they don't change to yours. the Royal Family traces its history back to King David's Throne in ancient Israel. she just pulled a Prince from it. "Here Adam, eat the apple." – Eve 🍎

    here, God is the Queen. serpent is Satan the Devil. Harry is Adam. Megan is Eve. the Royal Family (Davidic Throne divine kingship) is the Tree of Life. the USA & Canada (independence) is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. Megan's race (the item Satan uses to confuse and deceive Eve with, and then tempt Adam with) is the apple.

  33. nuke946

    Meghan…. you are not elegant at all !!
    You should have thought about the consequences when you married into the royal family, you can't act whatever you want, all the rules and responsibilities you have to bear. Don't want to be happy but don't want to carry out your obligations.

  34. Everybody wants to make it a race thing. Diana was loved by the people, yet suffered as well and felt alienated by “the firm”. Completely different circumstances , apples and oranges.
    Meghan is much more worldly than Diana ever was and almost double the age when married.

  35. dannu consulting

    What A bunch of bullshit. Cgi, body doubles, megs Oprah Harry all in gitmo.

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