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Meghan Markle’s Dad Thomas REACTS to Oprah Interview

On Tuesday, Thomas Markle appeared on ‘Good Morning Britain’ and opened up about his daughter, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. Thomas recalled a ‘snotty’ conversation he had with Prince Harry prior to marrying Meghan, defended the royal family amid Meghan’s claims of racism and took a jab at Harry, referencing two of his past scandals.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. Mariana Aksentic

    Meghan has lost het name globally…
    You did not have great name anyway.

  2. Nikki K

    Meghan comes off as really insincere

  3. D J

    Always wanting the spotlight.

  4. Angel55

    Someone posted comments on the Queen, saying," she is cool." I know that's right. Wait to see.

  5. Angel55

    Speaking words of wisdom. Let it be. Peace.

  6. Angel55

    We should set aside all this allegations and see how the peaceful Great Queen will solve this problem to bring a peaceful end. She is in a mourning status now. Let set this aside and mourn the loss.

  7. Mark Barbour

    He’s speaking truth. The “SJW” are running the show and burning this country down. Thanks to the uneducated athletes who parade with the BLM nonsense and the false cries of racism. Oprah is not innocent at all and plays a huge part in the nation’s divide.

  8. Holly Zemlicka

    Meghan Markle had a wonderful kind loving father. He gave her everything her selfish heart desired. And now she has permanently kicked this poor man to the curb. He seemed genuinely sad to have lost his daughter. I think Megan was born with the wicked heart like her mother possesses. I wish I would have had a wonderful father like Thomas.

  9. E Arnold

    I feel sorry for Thomas. Meghan if you read this
    you should realise millions would have loved to have had a father that cares. It was such a petty thing your father did. When Prince Harry said "you should have listened to me" to Thomas, I wish Thomas had said. 'Listen kid and behave yourself and have some, respect.' (I did read Meghan and her father were close sometime ago).
    Meghan why have you ignored your father. It was a big ask to expect your father to be in public in another country and he said he wasn't well. You might not have much conscience.
    It's bad to mistreat your father. Still, if it's not in you now to act kindly I don't suppose it will be down the track. Sorry Thomas from me.

  10. Shirley Cottle

    Disgusting speaking of her father like that u don’t know what he’s been through in his life , imagine his hurt after the heart attack she’s never seen him he paid and looked after her she used her own father

  11. Anime lover

    First failed marriage and second marriage broke royal family apart….wow she's a player

  12. Lor i

    Meghan left more than just her father and Samantha. There is way more family on the Ragland side. She wants her dad to stay in silent dignity while she goes to Oprah to bash her own Royal relatives to 17 million people. Unbelievable

  13. Denise Pickering

    Megan markle ready to forgive the royal family. Who dos she think she is cheeky mare. How about your father. Your blood relative. Just too much get a grip. Ha .

  14. Sho Nuff

    LOL. "Royal Expert". My God. Can you imagine having such a job that takes zero skill?

  15. pretty pumpkin

    Megan is half black.. let's just say a 'while passer'. Other than little kids who tease about everything & anything they can latch on to (for me, big nose and messy hair & I'm white), I doubt she has suffered bullying or mistreatment for her olive colored skin. You think cops pull her over for racism in her Rolls Royce? They might, just to interact with such a pretty girl. I'm not denying racism, I'm questioning if racism has had a powerful impact on HER very priveledged life. So what if a royal was questioning what her baby's skin color might be. I bet the asked if Harry would be born a blonde. Even if it had thoughtless racist undertones, it was still not that big of a deal in the big picture. She's gorgeous, hit the lottery with her career, married a prince, has a healthy baby, lives in extreme luxury and so on. To air dirty laundry on Oprah was a low blow. It really was….

  16. Daryl Gonzalez

    Poor oppressed Meaghan in her 11 million mansion hahaha. What an hypocritical lying ++++

  17. Christ Mae Edu

    See even her father don't agree to MM 😂😂 my gosh almost lost her name.. what name she's telling😂😂

  18. Dixie Peach

    It is not a stupid question about the color of the baby.

  19. Melanie D

    He's a good, honest guy. I feel bad for him.

  20. Samua3

    I don't even know why she was making a thing about the baby. It is a perfectly average question to ponder. She isn't entirely black or white and Harry is ginger. If anyone pondered how that mixture might come out in a child then can't people just assume it was not a hate-filled question? The age of "The Offended" is a really difficult one to live in.

  21. Kerry

    Jeez that women has crapped on everyone!!

  22. Arty Joseph

    I think meghan is portraying herself as a innocent victim.

  23. Robin Harrington

    Oh poor Mehgan she is such the victim people don't like me cause I am part black everyone is so racist. Sickening that people fell for her bullshit!!!

  24. Nga McDonald

    No shock about prince Phillip dying. She has not spoken to her father and she is letting this happen to Harry. Sound familiar ? It is called Meghan kills all to take all.

  25. Terry Fultineer

    fact finders have 1000's of videos on youtube showing the oprah interview was full of lies, so piers morgan was right that megan is a liar and sharon osbourne gets cancelled. great job ET

  26. Donna Acosta

    Who cares what color this baby will be, who even mentioned (Color)! If to the Royal family can’t accept color in blood line, that’s a shame! Who cares about Royalty, just another stupid made up way of life these fools believe! Did Jesus claim Royalty?,and he was a true king!

  27. Kelly

    Karma going to get you Megan..

  28. Janie Melgoza

    You won't see none of them, cause you have a narsassitic daughter who can care less about you. Harry is her $ bank and she care for no one else.

  29. Patti

    She was too embarassed to invite her family to her wedding, she only invited celebrities as she always planned to return to California.

  30. Philomena Lynch

    I thought she was a nice person neither when people saying she not a nice person neither her x husband and her dad said she only out for what she wants look like there all right she a horrible person and knowing Prince Phillip was in hospital she did’t care and made her allegations karma will get her

  31. Sharon Washington

    I feel very sad for this man. He is far from perfect (no one IS) but if he was my father it would kill me to treat him the way his daughter has. Regardless of HIS mistakes.❤

  32. Eddie Thompson

    I believe the Oprah interview with Megan & Harry was planned well before they married and was a complete farce. Why did Megan invite Oprah to her wedding as a close friend when she had only met her once before, "for a brief moment". From rags to riches, lies & deceit – speaks volumes!

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