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Miranda Cosgrove REUNITES With iCarly Cast! Inside the Revival

On Wednesday, Miranda Cosgrove hit up Instagram to share a pic with her ‘iCarly’ co-stars, Nathan Kress and Jerry Trainor. The show’s revival was announced back in December and will stream on Paramount Plus. The cast of the new show is currently missing Jennette McCurdy and Noah Munck.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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This Post Has 47 Comments

  1. Gideon Adendorff

    Please put it on Showmax plzzzz we dont have DSTV or Netflix so plz put it on showmax i can't wait anymore!! Altho ill miss Jennette…Is Ariana or Cat gonna be Carly's new roommate? That wuold be exciting lol Love you all from iCarly and Sam And Cat! Love you Miranda!😘😘😍😙😚💜💙💚💛🐱

  2. Samantha Lee

    I wish Jennette McCurdy and Noah Munck and. Reed Alexander and Mary Scheer and Ethan Munck and BooG!e and and Tim Russ and Mindy Sterling and David St. James and Jeremy Rowley and Ryan Ochoa and and Danielle Morrow) I would like to see them on iCarly revival

  3. Camila Sirgo

    Who else find know that Margo and Carly were played by the same person

  4. Jason Sutton

    Gibby is not nowhere to be seen…he's on ABC's the Goldbergs.
    Once that show ends he might wanna go back to ICarly.

  5. aprilsitaly

    I'd like to see Big Time Rush come back. I thought that was a good show too. Loved iCarly, so did my dad!

  6. Greg Smith

    “This shows reboot”
    Me:AHhHhh YESSIR EEeeE

  7. HeyDisco

    I hope that they’ll actually be a reboot I absolutely, love this show and Victorious and Sam and Cat!! And Jennette please join your amazing and funny.

  8. kio kay

    Good thing dani isn’t working nOmoRe he was abusive to the cast 🗣💯

  9. JumpTrash

    forget jannette not being involved, i need more gibby in my life

  10. naser georgy

    I am so so so so so happy that Icarly is coming back I am so excited !!!!!!

  11. DragonLeaf

    If they recast sam then the show won’t be the same anymore

  12. G T

    It won’t be the same if Jennette doesn’t come back so no need to watch honey

  13. MattchoMan

    I've been reliving my childhood binging the old show, can't wait for the reboot

  14. blazing cipher

    I want icarly back with jennette mccurdy and victorious and Sam and Cat

  15. Hi I’m Hannah

    Ok I’m super excited for this don’t get me wrong but I just hope there’s less feet this time… like there was so much feet and people are even saying the man who made the show or whatever had a thing for feet’s…. yeah weird

  16. Fear Loomecy

    Sam probably won't be returning though because of you know who… We can't be too sure that's the reason but I seen a lot of evidence to support the claim. Made a little short video about it

  17. XoXo_Angel_oXoX

    The whole reason I watched icarly because of Sam well I guess I'm not gonna watch it as much as I used to

  18. / Cazarkii

    I’m gonna miss Jeanette, she was my favorite character😖

  19. Dora The Explorer

    Wow i remember just yesterday that they were all much younger. That's insane

  20. a3sthetic _ali3n

    The fact that I'm here because the first two seasons are now on Netflix and my childhood is hitting me hard

  21. Rowan Stuut

    Is it like a more adult/comedy version or again an series destined more for children/teens?

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