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Mobile Flash Photography | Tips & Tricks

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One of the first Video Tutorial to show you how to use Mobile Flash in daylight, indoor and at night. Mobile Flash Photography Tutorial applies to basically any mobile phone with manual mode.
For this tutorial video, I have used Xiaomi Poco F1 and Samsung Note 9.
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Have you seen pics with those dark backgrounds and only subject is sharp and lit ? Thanks to Manual or Pro Mode and Mobile Flash.
So, with this Mobile Flash Trick you can literally make the background blur and dark while lighting the subject only.
I have showed three different scenarios from daylight to pitch dark environment where you can get some really amazing resulty using manual mode and mobile flash.

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I have also shared pro tips to help you capture great images every single time. So, watch full video, enjoy and have a great time clicking pictures.

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This Post Has 13 Comments

  1. Is there any red (glow) colour appear in the eye…when you click the object or person during night time😊😊😊 please tell me..yes or no…I hate the photos when my eye glow with red or white colour ….because of the flash light in redmi phone


    May aj poco liya..cvr laga k flash use korne time cvr k andar se light ata hai nd pura dsply light ho jate hair?app k video may v ohi dekha…Kay e normal hay…cvr k andr se itna light kui ata hai?pls reply


    those are some great tips and tricks!
    mobile cameras are becoming super powerful
    thanks for sharing this great content with us, really enjoyed watching this

  4. Kumar Mitrabhanu

    Sir i have a doubt, why changing the aspect ratio affects the megapixel of camera?

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